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Concerned Citizens Help with FCC Warning Sign Enforcement (Video)

The FCC requires warning signs, but somehow the utility companies must have forgotten to install them.  Thank goodness, we have these dedicated, concerned citizens to help out. From FCC Website: WHAT IS THE FCC’S POLICY ON RADIOFREQUENCY WARNING SIGNS? Radiofrequency warning or “alerting” signs … Continue reading

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Physicians’ Group (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) Adopts Resolution Against Smart Meters

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine “an international association of physicians and other professionals” has in a letter released January 19, 2012, and sent to the CPUC called for an immediate moratorium on wireless Smart Meters.  They state in their … Continue reading

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Caught on Tape: Smart Meters FCC Violation

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Health Effects From Smart Meters? Utility Industry Gets a Free Pass from the FCC

The many letters submitted in response to last January’s (2011) flawed CCST report on “smart” meters are a good place to look if one wants to hear different perspectives regarding the health effects from “smart” meters. However, one soon sees, … Continue reading

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Study Shows Cell Phones Exceed FCC Limits by as Much as Double for Children

Update 2/23/13: The link below no longer works, but to get info on the report, see this ABC article and video. It’s a good link as it has several videos on possible adverse health effects of cell phones. From Environmental … Continue reading

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Cindy Sage Says Smart Meters are Not Meeting FCC Standards

I was on the phone with the CPUC public advisor this morning and to everything I said–such as double strand DNA breaks, crossing blood brain barrier or even the World Health Organization’s declaration of RF radiation being possibly carcinogenic–the advisor … Continue reading

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