CPUC Issues Two Proposed Decisions Regarding Smart Meter Opt Out Fees

This just came in my e-mail and I want to post the link.  There are two proposed decisions, one by Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa and the other issued by CPUC Commissioner Peevey which is called an alternate.  Here are the links.



It looks like they are proposing to maintain the opt out fees for smart meters (75 dollars and then 10 dollars monthly). However, one bone they are throwing (in the alternate proposal) to opt out customers is they say that the fee will expire after three years and any left over costs  will be absorbed from general revenue. However, they say all of that would need to be reviewed.

Judge Yip-Kikugawa’s proposal also ruled against local governments having the authority to collectively opt out of the smart meter program as well as those who challenged the opt out fees based on the Americans with Disabilities Act:

“This decision also determines that local governments may not collectively opt out of smart meter programs on behalf of residents in their jurisdiction. Similarly, multi-unit dwellings with homeowner and condominium associations may not collectively opt out of smart meter programs on behalf of individual residents who are members of the association. Finally, this decision determines that charging an opt-out fee does not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act
or Pub. Util. Code § 453(b).” 

See  EMF Safety Network  and Stop Smart Meters! for further information.





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