Dariusz Leszcynski’s Washington Times Series on Cell Phone Radiation

Dariusz Leszcynski is currently writing a very interesting series of articles in the Washington Times about cell phones, the precautionary principle, bogus industry studies–the whole RF-EMF topic.  He was “one of the 30 experts invited by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer to evaluate whether cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer.”  He also will write in the comments section of his own article,  and some well known authors/researchers in the field (such as Lloyd Morgan) also give feedback. It makes for a very intelligent and interesting discussion.

December 19, 2011.  The Million Dollar Question: What is the Risk of Brain Cancer from Cell Phone Radiation?

December 16, 2011: Why are Epidemiologists (mis)leading us about Cell Phone Radiation Exposure?

December 13,2011. Is There a Health Risk From Cell Phone Radiation?

December 4, 2011. Cell Phone Radiation: Why More Research is Needed.

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