If you received a flyer on your doorstep or if you just came across this blog via a search engine, I would like to welcome you to the site and also, if this subject is unfamiliar, to the  topic of “Smart” Meters.  There is a wealth of information on the Internet, and we in Southern California are fortunate in being able to benefit from the work that those in Northern California (as well as other states and countries) have been doing.  Josh Hart’s StopSmartMeters.org is one of the many excellent websites. The electromagnetichealth.org site is also very reputable in terms of science.

Since Smart Meters are new to Southern California we are just now setting up local websites and Facebook pages.  A new Santa Monica site will be launched next week. Other Southern California blog sites are either devoted exclusively to Smart Meters  or have added “Smart” Meters as a main topic of concern to an existing blog. See the links in the “blogroll” at right for more information.  It’s a fascinating topic and you will learn good information from all these websites and experts.

Unfortunately, there has been such a media blackout and extremely poor notification by the utility companies of what exactly they have been installing on our homes, that most residents are unaware of the issues regarding the Smart Meters and that they even had the option to get on a temporary delay list.

Instead of doing an environmental  impact report or investing in the more secure type of “Smart” grid (using fiber optics) that Italy has successfully installed, the utility companies chose to go with a cheap wireless system, which may have profound and, as yet, not completely known health impacts on the population; a system, also which is a security threat vulnerable to hacking and even to cyber terrorism.   The utility companies have received billions of dollars in money via rate payer increases and Federal grants to foist this boondoggle on the public.

Because of the strong outcry from Northern Californians, the CPUC is considering an individual opt out program.  While we are immensely grateful that this is being considered, we are concerned that because the wireless mesh system they are using washes our neighborhoods in pulsed radiation 24/7 (the exact same kind the World Health Organization last May classified as a possible class 2b carcinogen), there needs to be a community, even “state,” wide opt out, to protect the public’s health.   Also, because there are reported health issues with the experimental “powered down ” Smart Meters (I will write more about that in the future), the option needs to be an analog type meter.  In addition, rate payers should not be forced to pay more to keep (or have re-installed) their old analog meters.

In order for these positive things to happen, we need everyone who is concerned to get involved.  See “Take Action” tab at the top of this page for some easy suggestions.  Do what you can.  Even a very tiny action such as a 60 second phone call is a big deal.  We also invite you to volunteer and work with our group (or the local group in your area).

I am an educator and parent, and I put this web site together to share what I’m learning and to reach out to the community, and connect with others to stop smart meters. I’m especially interested in the actual scientific research done by independent, non wireless company affiliated scientists.

I invite you to participate and to share your opinions, knowledge, research and ideas. The web site is for all those concerned about this issue, not just for Irvine residents, wherever you happen to live.

Disclaimer.  The information on this site is for educational purposes only.  As with all information you come across on or off the web,  be a critical reader of anything you read here.

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  1. Congratulations on your important work. The Center for Safer Wireless is a national organization that educates people about the reported health effects of wireless products and technology. We work on a national and local level to advocate for safer wireless standards and are building a coalition so that our voices can be heard in Washington, DC.

    We are planning a Bullying Stops Here Day on February 29th. Groups are encouraged to protest about smart meters in front of their local utilities. Would you like to organized a protest in your area? Please let me know so that we can coordinate a unified message in press releases.

  2. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for the information. I have not heard anyone in California mention this, but it sounds like a good idea. I will pass it on to some contacts and see if people want to participate.

    • FVoltaggio says:

      Hello Melissa and Christine, speaking of “participating,” not sure if this is where to post this, but here’s something apropos.

      On behalf of filmmaker Josh del Sol, and the film “Take Back Your Power,” premiered online, Sept. 5th, 2013, let me say thank you for all you have done as visionaries and pioneers proliferating information and awareness on this all too important and urgent matter.

      This film marks a new beginning in the growing grassroots campaign to stop “smart” meters around the world. Josh has partnered with Yekra (known for distributing ‘Thrive’ and ‘Sirius’), to distribute the film in a grassroots manner online, which will make it easier for you to spread the word about this important new film, and will help you and your organization educate others and build stronger support.

      Here’s how we can support each other:
      In the interest of getting the film out to audiences, Josh has cut his earnings potential and opted instead to give up to 25% directly to the people and organizations who are needing money to continue the work they (you) are already doing so well. By signing up as an Affiliate, at http://www.TakeBackYourPower.net/affiliate at no cost to you, you can promote the cause and the film via links, banners, and players that are designed to be sent via email, newsletters, twitter, Facebook, on blogs, websites, etc., virally, as chosen by you.

      Each shortcode link, banner or player will have your specific code that when someone you refer views the film, Yekra will send you 20% of the retail cost of all streams ($4.99) and 10% of all DVDs sold. You will also earn up to 5% on orders made through other Affiliates you refer to us. And, you will also earn this commission on your own purchases through your Affiliate link, (in addition to wholesale discounts available for DVDs).

      Please visit the above link to enroll – and make sure to subscribe to the TBYP email list at the top of the page for mission-critical news – as we come together in charting a new course with respect to our rights, our health and our future.

      And… be sure to enjoy, and share Take Back Your Power with your friends and family!!!


      • Hi FVoltaggio,
        Thank you for the information. Yes, I know about the film and have seen trailers but have not yet viewed the entire film. I am not going to sign up as an affiliate because my work and this website is volunteer. Our site has posted trailers of Josh’s film in the past.

  3. John says:

    I am firmly against smart meters, but I do not think that opting out is the best solution. If you opt-out, you will be contributing to a $7 million profit that Edison will make each and every year. I am going to fight Edison by developing a RF shielding housing that will attach to my residential electrical box and will stop all RF radiation from being emitted and entering someone’s home. I know that there are some product on the market, but at $400 each that is a ridiculous price. It should also be noted that those units do not stop all the RF radiation,. I am designing my unit to cost under $75, but unfortunately I am not going to be ready for another month. If you opt-out immediately, it will cost you $75 initial fee, then $10 per month, and then $75 if you decide to stop the opt-out program. That is a minimum of $160. Of course at $10 per month, opting back in and buying a protective housing would still be cheaper in the long run, but you have wasted $100. If people already have a smart meter, I believe that holding off for a month to see if I or someone else can get a unit working may be a better option. The goal here should not be to just give in the Edison; THE GOAL SHOULD BE TO CRIPPLE EDISON. If you enclose your smart meter so it does not emit any radiation, you get to protect yourself and your family, you do not provide Edison any additional source for profit, and Edison has to eat the cost of having your meter read in person. If you are thinking that Edison will come after you, let them. When they come after me, I plan on telling them that “I really want the smart meter.” “Some day I may want to check my daily usage and I want a smart meter so I have that that option”. So what if I never exercise that option. Edison can not force me into the opt-out program, and if they are unable to read their meter simply because I am protecting my property and family, that is their problem not mine. If they have to find another way to read their smart meter, that will be at their expense. Opting-out gives Edison unjustified profits. Keeping your smart meter and shielding it; protects yourself and will cost Edison lots of money.

  4. thefreetruthshow says:

    hi, superb site. Would you have a contact email for barry trower. Would very much like to interview him and discuss the big noise in my garden. The hum is deafening and switches off when i record it.

    Kind regards, patrick lynch

  5. Catherine says:

    Please help us stop these smart meters – we are all in this together so lets stick together and get rid of these things – Thank you!

  6. Catherine says:

    Please sign the petition to the White House to stop these smart meters
    gettingsmarteraboutthesmartgrid.org/pdf/SmartGrid_Report_PDF-2012-11-26-Final.pdf …


  7. Tom Sones says:


    I thought you may appreciate a alternative perspective; no reply required.

    Smart Meters is a excuse without benefit to transfer of public/consumer wealth to offshore corporations. It’s a financial rip-off. Let’s call it what it is and “fire”/”jail” the perpetrators.

    This is an example of the income inequality issue – the mother of all social justice and environmental issues – and needs to be attacked for the rip-off it is.

    See email below for further explanation.

    Regards, (no reply required, a suggestion FYI)

    email to BC Coalition, Dec. 16th, 2013

    Thanks for all that you do.

    I think you are missing two key concerns: financial incompetence of public asset + breach of fiduciary trust.

    Both of these are grounds for: 1) the firing of the BCHydro Board and Executive Team for cause, and 2) a forensic public audit of BC Hydro.

    There needs to be a priority given to the financial incompetence by the BCHydro’s board and Executuves. These smart meters only last 10 to 15 years, and the labour (meter reading savings) ($1B cost vs $18M saving, 378 Hydro employee reduction x $50k/yr = $18.9M ) offers unsubstantiated payback. Hence, grounds for: financial incompetence + breach of fiduciary trust.

    (the artificial creation of tiered rates is not grounds for the energy savings claimed by Hydro; besides energy savings, and some of peak usage issue can be achieved by public consultation just like the garbage recycling has achieved, other costs such as retraining/welfare/UI, administering Smart Meters must be added in too)

    Suggest you engage an accounting/consulting firm for a payback analysis and then call for the Board’s and Executive Team’s firing; backed-up with a legal pursuit.

    Suggest you coordinate with other jurisdictions for a cost-burden & PR enhanced effects.

    Smart Meters is a excuse without benefit to transfer of public/consumer wealth to offshore corporations. It’s a financial rip-off. Let’s call it what it is and “fire”/”jail” the perpetrators.



  8. Diane H says:

    Wireless In Schools?

    Safety first with our school technology

    Be informed + Take action

    Please visit us and pass it on: http://www.fcsst.com

    Thank you,
    Fullerton Community For Safe School Technology

    • Diane,
      Your web site looks wonderful. It’s great to have an OC web site which focuses on wi-fi in schools. It’s not only the schools but there’s also a media blackout on this topic. We think that the newspapers are having such difficulty with revenue that they don’t want to alienate their advertisers.

  9. Diane H says:

    Hi, Melissa,
    Someone recently told me that 90% of the media (including newspapers) is owned by 6 corporations. I guess that accounts for the behavior and why we rarely see anything in the media about the harms from wireless radiation. One reporter more or less acknowledged this to me.

  10. Hi Diane,
    I don’t know what’s going on with OC Register but they don’t seem to be taking letters to the editor about this topic–though people can comment on their web site.
    Irvine Unified is chomping at the bit to run a school bond measure to get residents to approve a new technology bond which will fund more wi-fi. They don’t like their cabled computers. They don’t think that students going to the computer labs is sufficient. They want the students to have complete access to wi-fi -not only in every nook and cranny within the school buildings but also on the playgrounds and outside areas. That is actually in their technology plan. They have hired a kind of public relations consultant (using school funds, many thousands of dollars) to sell this program to the parents. As a resident of Irvine, I have received glossy mailers and also e-mail announcements about their technology plan.

    A Portland parent tried to sue his daughter’s school district and the case was thrown out by the judge (who felt this was an FCC issue).
    The FCC is now headed by Tom Wheeler who is an industry insider.

    • Diane H says:

      I wrote and submitted an op ed several months ago that never saw the light of day. There is no freedom of the press. The press is owned.
      Yes, with the push for wireless technology, you would think that is the only way children can learn. It is so absurd. The push is EXTREME, I know.

  11. Levi McCann says:

    My name is Levi McCann, my website is www,cfienterprises,com and it is devoted to stopping EMF sickness, as well as I have written a book on shielding your smart meter, your home, and your computer against EMF, and shielding your entire being. I have been told it is the best book regarding Shielding that has been written. You can find the Ebook at www,cfienterprises.com/store,html In addition, I have the largest archive of free ebooks, audio books, videos, regarding all of this type of information on the internet. Plus I am active in the field of giving seminars based on facts, on the negative effects of Smart Meters and EMF. Check out my website, and search around the site, and you will find all types of information you are looking for. http://www.cfienterprises.com Thank You, you can email me at support@xfienterprises.com if you have any questions.

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