CPUC Judge Shuts Down Video Smart Meter Workshop; Also Repeater Transmitters

I’m viewing on tape the CPUC  Smart Meter Workshop which was overseen by Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa (to view, scroll down to video, part one, dated 9/14/11). It’s a workshop to explore opt out options for the Smart Meters.   At 1:42 a gentleman gets up to make a statement and ask a question.  Judge Yip-Kikugawa interrupts him almost immediately,  won’t let him even get his point out (it is a public meeting).   He continues to try to speak, and she turns off his microphone.  Then she shuts down the video.

Susan Brinchman has an excellent article on this workshop here.

Repeater Transmitters

I haven’t finished viewing this tape yet. But an important question was asked which we need to be aware of.    You would think that when we opt out of the Smart Meter (and if we are allowed to keep our analog meters) that then the RF radiation issue would be diminished, right?

However,  the utility companies are going to install “repeater transmitters” on their “utility rights of ways.”  They actually, I think, are already doing this.  This is because, for example, my neighbor’s smart meter at the end of the block can’t relay over the ridgeline to our other neighbors, all of which, Edison has told me, are part of the same mesh network.

So where will those radiation emitting “repeater transmitters” be located?   Also, where, in Irvine which has underground powerlines, are the repeater transmitters that they are currently using located?

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