Stop Smart Meters: The Film and Gandhi on Smart Meters

We had this posted earlier, but there was a copyright issue, which is now resolved.  Enjoy.  The director, Josh Del Sol, also put together a piece called “Gandhi  on Smart Meters” which I will post below.  Here is the official site for the film and also a Facebook page.

Director Del Sol writes, “Gandhi’s Message is more relevant today than ever.”

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2 Responses to Stop Smart Meters: The Film and Gandhi on Smart Meters

  1. To all people who are getting sick from micro wave radiation. a smart meters was installed on my house late Nov 2011. I began getting headaches and could not sleep soundly. I called Edison and CPU and they said they couldn’t help me. I bought my own analog meter and installed it myself, I sent back the smart meter to Edison with a certified letter. Now I heard from them they said put back the smart meter I said I would not they could shut my power off. They agreed to put back on one of there analog meters. The supervisor from Edison never told me about charging me $250.00 for putting back on a safe analog meter. This is what where dealing with fraud! I’m a handy man.

    • Hi Dennis,
      Sounds like SCE shenanigans (or profiteering?).
      You could refuse to pay it–or contest it. Even the up front “opt out” fee proposal which is before the CPUC is less than what they want to charge you for removing first your original analog, then removing the analog you paid for and installed, to only replace it with another analog.
      Thank you very much for keeping us informed.

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