Dr. Mercola Interviews Alasdair Philips: EMF’s Effect on Health: What the Research is Showing and What We can Do To Limit Radiation Exposure From Wireless Devices

Dr. Mercola interviews (see video below) Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch.org.uk.  Philips has been “researching electromagnetic fields effect on health”  for decades and his website is a resource for those who want to read the studies.  In the interview (which is free ranging) Philips shares details about various studies as well as what he thinks the research as a whole is showing. He also shares a wealth of other information about the wireless devices themselves and the radiation they are emitting.    It’s a long interview and here are my [rough draft] notes (close paraphrase and direct quotes) as I listened to it.

Power Lines and Childhood Leukemia: Philips discusses how power lines, when their magnetic fields go above a certain level, double the rate of childhood leukemia.  The level when this occurs, though, is only a “tiny fraction of the standard set for our protection.”  He said there are over twenty studies which show the increased rate.

Standards: He said (10:04) the “standardizing process” which was set via the World Health Organization’s EMF Project was industry funded.  It was dominated for 30 years by one person, Michael Repacholi (with connections to an NGO, ICNIRP).   Those standards are now “set in stone.”  The “thermal effects” (which is the standard the FCC uses) he considers a “red herring.”  None of the concerns about cancer, he says,  come from the “thermal effects.”

He discusses melatonin, what our bodies produce when we sleep, as “radio protective anti cancer” (that is, it helps us fight the damage from the radiation we are exposed to during the day from wireless devices, including “smart” meters, and antennas.  This is why it is important to sleep in a very dark room. [He gives details about what can interfere with melatonin production].
At 21:23 on the tape, he discusses mobile phones. “Since 1998 the evidence has mounted and mounted,” he says. He has “no doubt that it causes brain tumors.”
Cell Phones Versus Cordless:  The newer 3G cell phones can turn themselves down–will expose you less than a cordless phone, which pulse 24/7 even when you’re not using them.  For Cell Phones, “ideally use an air tube.”  The prior 2G phones pulses 217 times a second–so perhaps 3G is slightly better.
Cell Phones and Cancer. He says at about 55:00 minutes in the video that they are seeing increasing “frontal and temporal” brain tumors.  At the same time, there is a decrease [statistically] in brain tumors. He thinks the decrease is because we’ve passed the peak from atomic bomb testing. . .but the brain tumors (in specific areas near where cell phones are used) are “on the rise.”   He talks about a study in August about children and cell phones. In that study there is a “table 5” which discusses “three, four and five fold increases [in tumors] if they’ve had the phone for 7 or 8 years.” “May not need a lot of exposure to trigger that initial derangement of the cell which goes into tumors.     Most cancers have nothing to do with breaking a covalent bond.  So what.  Most cancer is not due to covalant bond breaking.   We haven’t got a clue as to what causes cancers and what the mechanism is. . . Gene switches. .. which are caused by stress.  . . .”

Wi Fi: He says get rid of the wi fi, (completely unnecessary) that now there is something called D-Lan–where you can plug Ethernet cable into main socket and then in any room in the house you can plug in another device (without laying extra wires). “Comparing Wi-Fi levels with levels you get 100 meters from a cell phone tower, which is roughly the same. . . . If you’re sitting next to a wi-fi lap top with a wi-fi router in the houses. . . it’s equivalent to having a small mobile phone base station in your house.”

Back to Cell Phones (and Effect of RF on Vulnerable Tissues such as testes and Eyes): He cites Sam Milham : Ham radio  operators got a cataract on their eyes–on the inside of their eyes which is inoperable.   He thinks using bluetooth (“something stuck in your ear, low levels of microwave) is crazy.”   He warns (commonly done by teenagers) to not put one’s cell phone under one’s pillow:  You “don’t want to be lying on it where it’s really going to be struggling to get its signal out to a base station.”  Women shouldn’t tuck it into their bras.

Doctor who treated tumors with radiation:  “5 minute exposure to cell phone. . could turn a 5% active tumor into a 95% active tumor for about an hour.  So if he did that first his radiation therapy was more effective. . .”
See 1:06:00 on tape about ways cells contaminate other cells and can cause cancer (not by breaking bonds).

At 1:01:00 in the tape he talks about how our exposure now to electromagnetic radiation from all this technology is a “billion fold” from what it was [for thousands of years prior).

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  1. For further information, Dr. Mercola does a super job discussing and summarizing the points from this interview, with additional information about how to make our homes an “EMF Safe Zone.” Regarding cell phones, Dr. Mercola advises going with carriers that use “CDMA” as opposed to “GSM” as CDMA uses “far lower radiation in their signalling technology.”

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