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“The human body can act as an antenna and the signals make electric currents flow through it in time with the pulsations. It is this that does the bulk of the damage by destabilising the delicate membranes that surround each cell. . .”  Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy on Wi Fi in Schools


Dr. Magda Havas on Wi Fi in Schools (video). Dr. Havas also submitted this in document form as part of an addendum in the Portland lawsuit. It’s helpful to read her points–such as children’s exposure to Wi Fi in schools for 10 years is equivalent to being exposed to 12,000 hours of microwave radiation.  Also children who have metal braces are absorbing more radiation than other students.

Wi Fi Damages Sperm, Harms Health.  This article also discusses an interesting science experiment where some plants were watered with cooled water which had been boiled in a microwave oven versus the stove. The plants which were watered with the microwave oven water died.

3/5/12: This is a blog on Wi Fi which is in English and Chinese.


The following video is an excellent teaching video for parents and others concerned about Wi Fi posted on Citizens for Safe Technology by a Vermont parent, Ray Pealer.


2/8/12: In this video interview [See also this 2/10/12 post], Barry Trower  talks about the possible genetic damage from Wi-fi to children.   If what he describes is true, then I am glad I sent a “follow up” letter to the school board today. I had spoken to them at their meeting last night.  This is my letter.

Dear School Board members Michael Parham,  Carolyn McInerney,  Gavin Huntley, Sue Kawabara, Sharon Wallin, Superintendent  Terry Walker; and Student School Board Representatives,

Thank you very much for listening to my comments on WI-Fi last night (at the 2/7/12 school board meeting).

I wanted to give you some follow up information and send you some links for articles and websites.

Ms. __________, the principal at my third grade son’s school, ___________, has told me that the safety of the children is the school district’s highest priority. On November 15, 2011, your board approved “seven guiding principles,”  two of which included nurturing “healthy people and healthy environments.”

For this reason, I recommend and urge you not only, of course, to eliminate the WI-Fi in my son’s  school so he and the other children are no longer exposed to this radiation–but even in the planning for the new 21st century schools (that was discussed at the meeting last night) to consider an alternate technology.   Wireless is cheaper than cabled Ethernet, but it is not wiser and not smarter.  Because there are health issues with exposure to wireless, it is actually a backward approach, which (because of the genotoxic effects) could do irreparable harm  to our children and future generations.

As I mentioned last night, like cell phones, Wi-fi was put on the market without any safety testing.  The type of testing the FCC checks for has more to do with whether a new frequency (such as the new 5G they will be using in wireless) interferes with other frequencies.  Their health limits are outdated and do not take into account long term exposure to radiation.  But our cells/our bodies will react even if people don’t acknowledge the risks.  Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University says that the cells react to EMF [electromagnetic fields] as “potentially harmful” and the radiation is cumulative.

When it comes to public health, especially for our children, we’re not supposed to wait until the evidence of harm is 100% solid  (that is the kind of thing the tobacco industry did for decades) as that would mean, as Dr. Davis says, we could be “dooming” a generation.   The new school plans with the wonderful pods and social areas will neither be safe or healthy spaces if children are being irradiated with ongoing pulsed microwaves while they are in them.   Our school district, should be doing what France and other countries have done, that is educating itself about this issue,  then taking the precautionary principle  and eliminating WiFi.

 Here are some resources for further information.

I. Does the May 31, 2011 WHO Classification of this radiation as a carcinogen apply to Wi-Fi? 
a. This is a link to a letter from  Dr. Baan on the WHO-IARC committee who confirms that the class 2b rating was not just cell phones. (the letter is underneath Cindy Sage’s letter. http://www.scribd.com/doc/79928679/The-WHO-IARC-Listing-of-RFR-as-a-Possible-Human-Carcinogen.)
b. I also have a video interview on my site of the chairman of the  committee, Dr. Samet, which covers the same topic: https://stopsmartmetersirvine.com/2012/01/31/chair-of-iarc-working-group-designation-of-rf-as-a-class-2b-carcinogen-has-broad-applicability-which-means-it-includes-smart-meters/

II. Dr. Devra Davis, author of Disconnect  website is http://www.environmentalhealthtrust.org/ Her focus is cell phones, but a lot of helpful information. [Since there have been so few studies on Wi-fi itself, experts either extrapolate regarding its effect from cell phones and/or cell antennas, which emit the same pulsed radiation]   Davis’ Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/EHTrust

III. Recent Russian Study which showed that cell phone radiation affected children’s cognition

https://stopsmartmetersirvine.com/2011/11/10/new-study-does-this-mean-school-if-it-has-wi-fi-makes-kids-stupid/ [Note: the Russians have studied the effects of microwave radiation more thoroughly than the US.  Their standards are a hundred times more stringent)

IV. https://stopsmartmetersirvine.com/  This is my “newbie” website.  I set up a page for Wi Fi.  This page has some links to other web sites and information, which I add to.  https://stopsmartmetersirvine.com/wi-fi/

V Oregon Law suit. http://www.magdahavas.com/wi-fi-in-schools%E2%80%93civil-action-united-states-district-court-district-of-oregon-portland-division-civil-action-no-311-cv-00739-mo/
a) Declarations from scientific Experts (Pro and Con).  Interesting to read to learn more about the science.

b)   Here (attached) is Lloyd Morgan’s response (it’s in draft form) to Dr. Savitz’s.  (I had emailed Dr. Havas and she put me in touch with Lloyd Morgan who shared this).  (Dr. Savitz makes some incorrect assertions in his report such as his assertion that there are no increased brain tumors on the side of the head where cell phone users used their phone.)

VI. New Report on cell phones (by physicians and other experts from Yale) which just came out which is good for newcomers. http://ehhi.org/reports/cellphones/cell_phone_report_EHHI_Feb2012.pdf

VII.  An article by Dr. Devra Davis which she just published discussing cell phone radiation (the same kind as WI-fi emits) on sperm and fertility.  http://www.psr.org/environment-and-health/environmental-health-policy-institute/responses/male-mediated-teratogens.html


2/5/12 Link to article on Magda Havas site about ultra powerful wi-fi and IPADs being used in schools (with their handheld transmitters).

1/9/12 Civil Action, United States District Court, Portland, Oregon. See the Declarations from experts to get info on science and health impacts of Wi-Fi.
Note:  Dr. David Savitz’s statement is for the school district and contains some puzzling (and incorrect) information, such as there are no increased tumors for cell phone usage on the side of the head where the person most frequently used his/her cell phone.  I a response from Lloyd Morgon to Dr. Savitz’s declaration. (I had written to Magda Havas to ask for more information). I will post it on this site after I ask permission from Lloyd Morgan.


This is a helpful presentation about issues with microwave radiation and wi fi.  It shows how out of sync the FCC standards are both with other countries and with actual biological effects.  The presenter is a Vermont parent, Ray Pealer, who also has a website, “WiFi in Schools.”

Also see Bevington Report which gives a history of scientific studies, politics and also tells about health effects.  It talks about how studies when they showed effects were suddenly halted or documents became “classified” or lost.  One study Bevington discusses was of rats who were exposed to low level EMF’s and developed cancer:  “In the early 1980s the US air force funded a $5M study of rats exposed to non-thermal EMFs at 20 times below the safety thermal level, but it was revealed that unusually the rats used were gnotobiotic (germ and virus free), apparently deliberately to reduce the incidence of cancer. Despite this the incidence of cancer was four times greater in the exposed rats than in the controls.”


Dr.Magda Havas and Dr. Marc MacKenzie debate regarding Wi FI


Andrew Goldsworthy, PhD, on the Hazards of Wi Fi in schools


Shows Interesting Double Blind Study


Even though this Devra Davis  video is about cell phones, I recommend it for parents/administrators who are also researching WiFi.  Wi Fi uses the exact same kind of radiation as that used in cell phones.  This is a video which deserves to go “viral.”

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