CPUC Decision Regarding Smart Meter Opt Out Provisions

Here is the link for the CPUC decision regarding the Smart Meter Opt out program, which just came into my e-mail http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/SearchRes.aspx?docformat=ALL&DocID=143904205

They are still providing the opt out option.  The fees are the same ($75 dollars initial fee to opt out and $10 dollars monthly), but (this is a good) there will be a “cap” (three years) on how long  those fees will be charged.

Page 42 of Decision:

“The monthly charges will be collected for three years from the time a residential customer chooses to opt-out of the smart meter program.  We find the three year period to be reasonable, as it is a sufficient duration for the utility to recover a portion of the utilities incremental costs in setting up services associated with accommodating the request of the opt-out customer and to integrate the meter reading function in its normal operations in order to further reduce the incremental expense of supporting opt-out service.”

2. SoCalGas.

I’m reading over the SoCalGas section which provides service to parts of LA, Orange and San Diego counties.  Southern California Gas was incredibly greedy in their opt out fee proposal. They wanted opt out customers to pay $179 for the initial opt out fee and $24 dollars monthly.  They lost that proposal. Their fee will be the same as the other utilities ($75 initial fee, and $10 monthly). Unfortunately, however, for those of us who are both Edison and So Cal Gas customers, we will have to pay double:

Page 47: “For those customers served by two utilities, such as SCE customers who also take gas service from SoCalGas, they will pay opt-out fees and charges to each utility that serves them.  As described below, the costs of alternative meter reading practices where one utility reads the meter on behalf of two utilities is likely to increase the overall costs of the opt-out program.”

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