Radiation Exposure from a Smart Meter is 100 times Higher than from a Cell Phone

This interview (see below) with Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear scientist from UC Santa Cruz, discusses how last January’s CCST report which was meant to be an “independent science based report” on “smart” meters  instead  “just reproduced claims” from the utility company’s funded report.  The PG&E funded report had flawed comparison data between “smart” meters and cell phone exposures, which then were used to falsely claim that  radiation exposure from a “smart” meter was much lower than that from a cell phone.   When the error was corrected, however, Dr. Hirsch says, it showed that exposure to radiation from a “smart” meter is actually 100 times higher than a cell phone.
Dr. Hirsch also submitted a report to the CCST on this which can be found here.

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