Once the Meters are in, Who Cares Whom They Radiate? “That’s Not My Department,” Says “Wernher Von” Peevey

“In advocating for adoption of an analog meter opt-out option, various parties have asserted that this option is necessary due to the alleged effect of RF emissions on human health. However, the issue of whether RF emissions from Smart Meters have an effect on individuals is outside the scope of this proceeding. . . .More importantly, the alleged effect of RF emissions on health is not material to the resolution of this application. . . .We are also unconvinced by Lake’s arguments that the installation of Smart Meters is subject to environmental review under CEQA. These allegations are based on unsupported assertions regarding the impact of RF emissions on the environment. As we have already stated,  this Commission is not charged with establishing the standards for RF emissions, nor is it responsible for determining the level at which RF emissions would be considered to adversely affect the environment.”-Michael Peevey, President of CPUC   (past president of Southern California Edison), 11/22/11 proposal for customers to have a “radio off,” but still radiation emitting, “Smart” Meter.

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