San Onofre

3/8/13  San Onofre: Secret Report Confirms Edison Knew of Major Problems,  Friends of the Earth News Release


6/17/12  San Onofre and the Smart Grid: Where Ionizing and Non Ionizing Radiation Converge

Irvine is 25 miles from San Onofre.  San Onofre is within 50 miles of 8 million people which makes it, according to Arnie Gunderson, (“former nuclear executive” and author of a report for The Friends of the Earth), one of two sites which are “the worst in the country.”

Filmmaker Mary Beth Branigan writes on her website eon3EMFblog that the combination of a vulnerable hackable smart grid with nuclear reactors such as San Onofre which is currently shut down because of safety problems exponentially increases or “synergizes” the ionizing and non-ionizing radiation exposure dangers.

She writes: “nuclear reactors and their on-site . . .  fuel rod cooling pools are both dependent on getting electrical power from the outside/off-site power grid. That rickety, aging grid is being made totally vulnerable to. . .hacking and . . . cyber attack by the spread of the wireless so-called ‘smart grid’. . .Although different biological mechanisms are involved, both nuclear (ionizing) radiation and electro-magnetic (non-ionizing) radiation can irreparably damage the DNA of humans and all living things.

Branigan’s site provides comprehensive information about “the movement to keep San Onofre shut for good” and the risks of “proliferating wireless technologies” (such as smart meters).  The video below, an interview with Arnie Gunderson, was posted on her site.

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