Film Trailer, Full Signal: “They Say It is Safe, but It’s Not Safe to Study It” –Dr. Olle Johansson

“Now for the first time in human history, brain tumors are the number one cancer killer of children under the age of 18–for the first time in history.  That should tell you something.”– B. Blake Levitt interviewed in film, Full Signal.

Below is the trailer for the documentary film Full Signal. If you want to see the entire film, it costs 2.99. I think it’s worth it as it has some excellent interviews of experts such as medical writer B. Blake Levitt, Dr. David Carpenter,  Dr. Louis Slesin, PhD, and Dr. Olle Johansson.  One point B. Blake Levitt makes is that because cell phones and other wireless are on the market and in widespread use, people think that any safety issue with them would have been taken care of–wouldn’t it?

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