“Before SimpleLink Tai’s Bike Rides Lacked Information” (But at Least He Still Had a Brain)

The government and industry are not just irradiating the public via Smart Meters, but they are also rolling out “smart” appliances,” which will each contain within them a radiation emitting RF transmitter.  You will, if you are unaware, be bringing radiation, along with your new washer, dryer or refrigerator, right into your home.  These appliances’ emissions will then mix with your wi fi, cordless phones and other devices creating a radiation soup.  As Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University has said, “People must realize that even though they cannot see it or feel it—that it’s having its effect and that these effects are cumulative, many are slow acting, and that you really can’t beat it.”

In this promotional cartoon, Texas Instruments discusses an RF chip  they have developed which will, as Chris Davies wrote in Slash Gear,  allow  “every electronic device” in your home to “communicate with each other in a mesh of digital linkery.”

One example the TI cartoon gives is of a bicyclist whose bike rides (without their new chip)  “lacked information.” (They show him riding off a cliff.)  With the new TI chip, however, the bicyclist can know exactly which way to turn his bike.  The irony, of course, is that all this radiation we will be exposed to in the new “magical world of wireless” can, studies have found, damage cognition so we (our brains) may very well need this technological assist.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Perhaps in the new “magical world of wireless,” we’ll be singing this tune:

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