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Simple Things You Can Do to Stop Smart Meters.

1. Call one elected state representative to voice your concerns; then request your objection to Smart Meters be added to to the “Database” that California has set up. (Right now, 11/17/11, there are over 5000 names on the data base protesting the installment of Smart Meters)  If you are an Irvine/Tustin resident you can do this easily by calling Assemblyman Don Wagner’s office: 949-863-7070.  This website will pull up contact info for your state representatives.

2. Contact your elected representatives via “The People’s Initiative”   This is a very nifty tool, created by a Santa Monica based Smart Meter activist,  as when you fill it out, it shows all your elected representatives (and their contacts) for your district and it contacts them on your behalf.  It’s very easy.

3.  EMFSafetyNetwork also has an automated form which goes to the CPUC. However, when I did this I did not get confirmation back from the CPUC.  Their form is very easy to use, but just to be on safe side, I suggest filing on line with CPUC as described below.

4. File Complaint On Line with CPUC. Not so easy–but important to do.
They will ask for your “account” number.  If you don’t know, you can call your utility company and get it.
Southern California Edison: 800-655-4555;
San Diego Gas and Electric: 800-411-7343;
Pacific Gas and Electric: 800-743-5000.
Also, while you have your utility on the line, ask them to please remove your Smart Meter and write down what they say as the CPUC form has a box for that, also. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and the CPUC limits the complaint to 200 characters, but you can easily attach a word document.

5.  Help walk Flyers in your Neighborhood-or any neighborhood in OC.  Contact this site or StopOCSmartMeters.org and we will help you make up your own flyers or you may pick up flyers or walk/distribute them with a group.

6. Any kind of writing: comments to articles, letters to the local paper. There seems to be a media black out on Smart Meters in OC, so we need to do this.  Share on Facebook, etc.

7.  This is another on line petition (easy to do) where you can send a letter to  elected representatives, including Obama.  The site has some good information about reputable scientists and their research.


We need to raise awareness first but not just be upset or concerned and do nothing with that.  We need to “scream and yell” as Lloyd Morgan, Senior Science Fellow, Environmental Health Trust has said: “We are living in a time where there is a rush to all things wireless. It is a form of madness and until the public really raises up alarm and starts to yell and scream, nothing will change.”

Also remember this.

14 Responses to Take Action

  1. Marilyn Walter says:

    I’ve contacted Edison to be placed on the list for not wanting the smart meter installed. I’d appreciate any information of how to filter EMF. Thank you. Marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    I’m glad you were able to call before they installed the Smart Meter. I recommend that you also put a note on the meter, saying you are on the “delay” list in case Corix tries to install, which has happened. Edison will come in a few days and put a yellow tag on it.
    I am not an expert on shielding EMF’s and from what I’ve read it’s tricky. Aluminum foil, for example, can shield EMF’s, but there can be issues with reflection, so anyone doing shielding probably needs expert advice and an analyzer. There are some you tube videos which talk about this. I’ll see if I can find and post on next comment.

  3. Marilyn,
    My browser has got gremlins this morning so I can’t pull up the video I wanted to show you, but I recommend you go to StopSmartMeters.org Frequently Asked Questions about shielding: http://stopsmartmeters.org/frequently-asked-questions/faq-shielding-and-measurement-issues.
    They write: “We don’t recommend wrapping the meter in foil, as this may cause the meter to increase power to the transmitter, as it attempts to connect repeatedly. We say this after receiving several anecdotal reports to this effect, and so although we can’t explain how or why this happens, we can say that some people have felt worse around a wrapped meter.”

  4. Your site’s an inspiration and thanx for the song.

  5. Thanks, Charyl. I’ve seen your posts on other sites. Thanks for your helping to get the word out, too.

  6. I made a video that features a lego truck blowing up a smart meter, which also includes vital details that oppose the smart meter movement. Please pass this video along to the “against-smart-meter faithful” to help spread the news. Thank you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1egnu4D7OA

  7. Shirley Henderson says:

    SCE came out to remove my smart meter and wanted to put in one that can be read remotely from the street. I had read a post somewhere that those are radiating as well though I don’t know how harmfully.

    I read the new law and apparently SCE is only required to put in the one you had previously. The one I had previously is the one that can be read from the street.

    Like a fool, I told the installer not to change out the meter and I would make an appointment for it , thinking I could SCE to put in the old fashioned type.

    I am going to try to get SCE to put in the old style analog but will most likely hit a wall. Any ideas?

  8. Hi Shirley,
    What you describe is a big loophole in SCE’s opt out agreement. Since, they claim they are about “choice,” their push to exclude over 600,000 of their own customers from the choice to have a non radiating “analog” meter doesn’t make sense. This issue is to be discussed in Phase 2 of the CPUC hearings which is just starting. I do not yet know if we (all of us, ratepayers as well as those who have officially signed up to be a party to the hearings) will be able to persuade the CPUC to make Edison’s opt out actually available to everyone or SCE plans to push the digital RF emitting meter onto all opt out customers. SCE claims in a letter to the CPUC that over 600,000 of their customers have the digital meter because there are issues of “access” to the property. It also allows them to put digital customers on some kind of interval usage which they say is in line with smart grid goals.
    Shirley, next week I am going to take an RF analyzer to a friends house in Irvine, who has the digital type of meter to measure any possible RF. I am by no means an expert on this-but I do have the meter which the FCC uses. Someone who is an expert also has a digital meter. She has said it gives off sharps of RF by the minute. Right now she is wondering why she should pay to opt out to get to keep her digital meter. I think she is trying to see if they will agree to offer her an analog.
    I suggest that you also try this approach. They advertise as well as tell our city council members that their company is about choice–and you want the choice of a healthy non emitting meter.

  9. Melina says:

    I have a following problem. I myself opted-out of the new meters, but my neighbor’s meter is also attached to my house, so I have 2 meters on my house. My neighbor doesn’t want to opt-out. I can’t have a smart meter 4 feet from my head in a room where I spend a lot of time daily. What do I do??? It’s very expensive to move a meter, maybe you know a sympathetic electrician who can give a discount for health reasons? Edison doesn’t want to pay for moving the meter… is there any legal ways? Thanks!

  10. Hi Melina,
    I’m not sure you could move the utility company’s meter without their permission. This issue of co-located meters has been appealed to the California Public Utilities Commission, and I think it is helpful for customers to file a complaint with the CPUC via their web site or SmartMeterhelp.com
    Regarding shielding: Some people have covered that part of the wall with aluminum foil (which, of course, looks stupid) and then covered over the aluminum foil with a “space blanket,” which can be purchased from a sporting goods store for just a couple dollars. The space blanket has a more “harem”/ hippie type of look.
    Another option might be to get a kind of folding Japanese room divider type screen and affix aluminum foil to the back.
    There are also expensive graphite based paints (such as Y shield) which some people are using. I was going to try this, myself, but it seems rather complicated, and the results are uneven as discussed on this web site: http://www.mast-victims.org/forum/index.php?action=vthread&forum=1&topic=5157&page=1 .


  11. Marene Mayer says:

    Hi –I live in Visalia, Ca. We were just notified by So. Calif. Gas – their advanced meters would be installed in our area in the nest couple of weeks. I called and was put on their Deferred List – all we can do at this point until PUC decides the “fees” associated with the OPT OUT plan. We just went thru this with So. Cal. Edison which I opted out of and paid their “Fee” and monthly charge – Insanity!!! If you have a connection to any one in my Area – I would appreciate. I have already sent a letter to PUC re: Electric – Smart Meters………now will do this for Gas too. I keep trying to inform my neighbors…….it’s tuff……we have to find a way to save Jobs – and our Health . Keep up the fight !!!

  12. Hi Marene,
    I have an e-mail contact list which has excellent resources, but my e-mail/server has a virus.
    I dread what you’re talking about-the whole issue with SoCalGas. I am also on the deferred list, but SoCalGas isn’t installing in our area for at least a year. The final opt out decision by the CPUC is coming soon. See this alert from Joshua Hart, which just came today. It has the latest news about the opt out. http://stopsmartmeters.org/2013/12/18/save-these-dates-in-january-tell-the-cpuc-and-fcc-wireless-kills/

  13. Marene Mayer says:

    Thanks for your email……yes, I get info from Stop Smart Meters and got the latest. We just have to stay on top of all this……like we all do have enough to deal with. Happy Holidays!!

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