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A comment posted here:  “Is Your Children’s Mobile Phone Giving them cancer?” by a mother whose son has a brain tumor (I wonder if  she meant that his head was red-hot after the phone calls. I have heard other brain tumor victims talk about that.)


22.04.12, 9:22pm

My son used a mobile phone since he was 15, he is now 35.

I believe it caused his tumour as the phone used to be red hot after his calls, lots of them.
He has had 2 operations radio therapy and chemo, he has a high grade GBM, it is terminal.
They will never admit to phones being the cause as too much money to be made, and money makes the world spin.
Don’t wait ti find out in 10 years time, act now. Don’t go through what my brave strong son has had to through and will go through, please find out for yourself, you will be amazed. After all can never happen to you can it!!

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2/27/12 Dr. Devra Davis Talk on Cell Phones

This is a helpful lecture by Dr. Devra Davis, author of “Disconnect.”   She explains the science in a very comprehensive way. For example she shows (see about 14 minutes into the video) photos of two cells, one whose DNA has been damaged  by “gamma” radiation  (which is what was emitted in Hiroshima) and another cell damaged by low level pulsing non ionizing radiation (from a cell phone).  Both cells look very damaged compared to a normal cell; but she even goes on to say the DNA from the cell exposed to the cell phone radiation looks worse. She also discusses the campaign to discredit reputable scientists and their studies—some of these reputable studies having been around since 1972 (Frey).

12/28/11: Some people are concerned that if we discuss cell phones that this will “distract” from the “smart” meter issue.  One important point one person raised was that  “smart” meters have some unique properties to them–as they transmit “onto a wire,”  that is they are both wireless and wired (attached to our home’s electrical system).  She thinks this  is one of the reasons for many of the health effects.

This is an interesting and valid point.  I think “smart” meters are different, and we do not yet have all the information about them, their “dirty electricity” effect, as this person brought up, and even what is unique about the modulated pulsed radiation they emit.

But I also think that there is overlap. Learning as much as we can about cell  phones, wi fi, antennas, and other wireless devices helps a great deal in understanding “smart” meters.  And studying “smart” meters raises concerns about electro pollution and health effects from these other radiation emitting devices.  (I will be using this page to put links and info about cell phones. . .  .)

2/9/12 PBS Interview with Dr. Keith Black (neurosurgeon) regarding WHO’s classification of RF Elecctromagnetic radiation as a 2b possible carcinogen.   “We haven’t had any good studies in the pediatric population.  A child’s skull is much thinner. . . .and the amount of radiation that goes into the pediatric brain is much higher than in an adult. So we should be cautious with how we allow our children to use a cell phone.  They’re going to be the ones that not only are going to use it at a much younger age but at a much longer duration.”


2/7/12 “Husband’s Cancer Spurs Wife to Warn of Suspected Cell Phone Dangers.” Very interesting article about Ellie Marks whose husband has brain cancer (and whose son interned for Senator Edward Kennedy)


“I think this could become the most important Health threat of our Generation.” Devra Davis.   (Note: the sound on this is out of sync, but still worthwhile to view) 


1/9/12 My Letter, Sort of.  (Cell Phones and Children)

My husband called me from work this morning and asked me if I had read Time magazine. I said, “Yes.”  “Did you read it thoroughly?” he asked.  He told me one of his colleagues saw my letter.  I’m grateful they published any letter with a caution about cell phone use and children, but their editing of my writing was quite loose.  No wonder I didn’t notice “my” letter.

What Time Published [Jan 16].

The Year Ahead.
In “Fearing Well,” Jeff Wise tells us what we should–and shouldn’t–worry about in 2012 [Jan.9].  But he underestimates potential dangers of cell-phone use by relying on “numerous studies[that] have found no convincing evidence of health risks.” Sometimes we need to be more fearful of the long-term danger of low-level exposure (and more skeptical when large corporations are putting out information that is helpful to their bottom line).  In the case of cell phones’ non-ionizing radiation and its possible effects–particularly on our children’s developing brains and bodies–this fear could be crucial.”
–Melissa Levine, Irvine, Calif.

The letter I actually sent in:

This is in regards to Jeff Wise’s article on page 36 of January 9, 2012 print edition, his comment on cell phones:

Dear Editor,
I would say this article by Jeff Wise proves his point.   He is underestimating without doing the research that the use of cell phones is safe. I think he is “misjudging risk” by relying on vague knowledge of studies without considering that many of those studies were conducted by a trillion dollar industry with vested interests.
The World Health Organization last May classified RF radiation as a class 2b possible carcinogenic.  Their decision was partly based on “high quality” studies by Dr. Hardell which showed an increased risk of “gliomas” (brain cancer).  There are actually numerous studies by independent scientists (peer reviewed and replicated) which show risks and biological effects from RF radiation to people and animals.   These include a weakening of the blood brain barrier which  causes it to be more permeable and allows toxins to enter (thus possibly contributing to dementia) and double strand DNA breakage.  Dr. Adlkofer who was head of the EU funded REFLEX studies (which found genotoxic effects from RF) said in a recent talk at Harvard that the FCC limits, which the public looks to for guidance, are based on “pseudo science” as they don’t take into account long term effects.
In contrast to what Mr. Wise says, most people do not “fear” cell phones or the radiation they emit.  They even, unfortunately, allow their young children to use them and as Mr. Wise apparently does not know children are more vulnerable to RF radiation; it goes deeper into their brains; their cells divide more rapidly; they absorb more of it as they have more liquid in their brain.
Australia recently reported there has been a 21% increase in brain cancer and brain cancer has overtaken leukemia as the highest type of cancers among children.
So Mr. Wise’s points are correct: Sometimes we need to be more fearful (or I would say work to educate ourselves even when large corporations are putting out incorrect information) of these less immediate or visible dangers.  In the case of RF radiation and and its  possible effects, not only on our children, but on future generations,  this could be crucial.

Melissa Levine, StopSmartMetersIrvine.com
Irvine, CA


Brain Surgeon Charlie Teo Discusses Possible Link between RF Radiation and Brain Cancer

In the video, below,  neurosurgeon Charlie Tao  discusses the possible connection between RF radiation (from various sources) and brain cancer. The video, from Australia, mentions that brain cancer has increased 21% in the past decade, and brain cancer “now claims more young lives than any other cancer.”

Also, see this link to article which discusses an “open letter” which Dr. Tao (along with 15 other experts in the field)  sent to “The Economist” taking the publication to task for an article published (without a byline) on mobile phone use which discounted any possible health effects.

Dr. Keith Black: Cell Phones May Cause Brain Cancer

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  5. My name is Sabine El Gemayel and I am directing and producing GENERATION ZAPPED. a transformational documentary that will support the EMF awareness movement showing why it is important to set precautionary measures for cell phone use and Wi-Fi use especially in schools and what we can do to minimize our exposure with basic safety guidelines. Please visit my website, http://www.generationzapped.com and our Kickstarter campaign, http://bit.ly/genzapped to see our trailer.
    I would love to connect with you to talk more about the film. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Sabine El Gemayel

    • Hi Sabine,
      I direct you to perhaps Josh Hart of Stop Smart Meters or the website EMF safety network or Devra Davis’ site, as right now they are more active with this topic. That’s wonderful that you are making a film and raising awareness.

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