Civil Disobedience to Protect Their Health: Northern Californian Residents Return Their Smart Meters

When PG&E refused to remove their “smart” meters after they complained about health effects, a group of residents from Capitola, California, decided their utility company did not have the right to “sicken” them and hired a professional electrician to replace their smart meters with analogs.  The residents then returned the smart meters, PG&E’s property, to the utility company.  See for the full story. PG&E has responded by saying it will turn off their power, including to the residence of a 75 year old woman.

Update: As a result of their action and the subsequent bad press PG&E received (see Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors grilling PG&E), PG&E has now agreed to offer an “analog” option.  However, the utility companies want to tack on unprecedented new fees  for an analog–an upfront cost and an additional monthly fee.  Since the utilities received billions of dollars in federal funds and their stockholders will also be receiving “smart” meter dividends from the increased fees they are going to charge customers via their “time of use” pricing, we think that any fee for analog option should be taken from corporate (shareholder) profits. (revised and updated 1/12/12)

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1 Response to Civil Disobedience to Protect Their Health: Northern Californian Residents Return Their Smart Meters

  1. Frank Seres says:

    I have a legal question maybe about our Edison bill that we get every month that says, “estimated usage”. We opted out over 3 yrs ago and paid the $75 opt out fee plus $10 every month on top of our bill for 3 yrs. Then all of a sudden our Electric bill started rising and we saw on our bill that it is “Estimated”. I have medical conditions that I have no control over and we got a medical base line but still the bills are over $100 for two seniors retired. Anyone have a answer as to the “Estimated charges” Don’t they have to read your meters?

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