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NBC News (Video) on Smart Meter Forum

http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Smart-Meter-Critics-Say-Devices-Are-Not-Smart-Or-Safe-133669863.html The utility company spokesperson  said their Smart Meters have no health effect,  yet that woman has to wrap foil around her head at night to deflect the pulses.  There is scientific confirmation, a double blind study,  showing physical effect … Continue reading

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Cindy Sage, Glendale Smart Meter Forum

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Field Test Showing Radiation Peaks from Bank of Smart Meters

Field Study measuring the “peaks” of radiation from a bank of Smart Meters.  The government uses the average. But according to Magda Havas, PHD of Trent University, Canada, this gives a “false low reading.”  “Engineers like to measure averages but … Continue reading

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