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Chair of IARC Working Group: Designation of RF as a class 2B Carcinogen has “Broad Applicability” (which means it includes Smart Meters)

“The designation of group 2b is radio frequency electromagnetic fields–that is unspecified as to source so the group 2b classification would have broad applicability to sources with this type of emissions”–-Jonathan Samet, MD, Chairman of the Working Group of 31 … Continue reading

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Concerned Citizens Help with FCC Warning Sign Enforcement (Video)

The FCC requires warning signs, but somehow the utility companies must have forgotten to install them.  Thank goodness, we have these dedicated, concerned citizens to help out. From FCC Website: WHAT IS THE FCC’S POLICY ON RADIOFREQUENCY WARNING SIGNS? Radiofrequency warning or “alerting” signs … Continue reading

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E-Mail Update: CPUC Meeting, Santa Cruz County Health Report, Inverse Square Law

Three Items: Important CPUC Meeting this Wednesday: Please Write to Commissioners; 2. Physicians’ Group Recommends Moratorium on Smart Meters; 3. Santa Cruz Health Department Report on Smart Meters. 1. CPUC Meeting This Wednesday, February 1, 2012,  the CPUC will be … Continue reading

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Dr. David Carpenter, Public Health Physician, Warns of Smart Meter Dangers

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“Before SimpleLink Tai’s Bike Rides Lacked Information” (But at Least He Still Had a Brain)

The government and industry are not just irradiating the public via Smart Meters, but they are also rolling out “smart” appliances,” which will each contain within them a radiation emitting RF transmitter.  You will, if you are unaware, be bringing … Continue reading

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Physicians’ Group (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) Adopts Resolution Against Smart Meters

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine “an international association of physicians and other professionals” has in a letter released January 19, 2012, and sent to the CPUC called for an immediate moratorium on wireless Smart Meters.  They state in their … Continue reading

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Caught on Tape: Smart Meters FCC Violation

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My Letter, Sort of (Cell Phones and Children)

My husband called me from work this morning and asked me if I had read Time magazine. I said,”Yes.” “Did you read it thoroughly?” he asked.  He told me one of his colleagues saw my letter.  I’m grateful they published any … Continue reading

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Media Blackout on “Smart” Meter News?

I sent this on 12/17/11 to twenty five reporters and editors on staff at the Los Angeles Times.  I decided to wait to see if I got a reply before sharing it.  They did not reply, but perhaps they read … Continue reading

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