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Stop Smart Meters: The Film and Gandhi on Smart Meters

We had this posted earlier, but there was a copyright issue, which is now resolved.  Enjoy.  The director, Josh Del Sol, also put together a piece called “Gandhi  on Smart Meters” which I will post below.  Here is the official … Continue reading

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Dr. Mercola Interviews Alasdair Philips: EMF’s Effect on Health: What the Research is Showing and What We can Do To Limit Radiation Exposure From Wireless Devices

Dr. Mercola interviews (see video below) Alasdair Philips of  Philips has been “researching electromagnetic fields effect on health”  for decades and his website is a resource for those who want to read the studies.  In the interview (which is free ranging) … Continue reading

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Faster than a Speeding Bullet, More Powerful than a Locomotive, Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single “Radioactive” Bound: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane–It’s Wi-Fi 5G!

The website 5GWiFi, set up by Irvine-based Broadcom, offers a “primer” on the new IEEE 802.11 ac or “5G” Wi Fi chip.  Scroll down to the “technical details” to read about the RF spectrum and “beamforming.”  Note: Be prepared when … Continue reading

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Barry Trower on Wi Fi Radiation: “We Are Risking the Future Generations of All the Children in the World”

This past week, my attention was on Wi-Fi in schools as I have a third grader whose school has both cabled internet and Wi-Fi routers. (I spoke this past week to both the school board and the PTA.)   When … Continue reading

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Power-Lines (Chino Hills) and Smart Meters: Kissing Cousins

The fight by residents of Chino Hills, California, to prevent Edison from installing high voltage transmission lines within 40 feet (in some cases) of their homes and the issues raised: the EMF they emit, the solid studies of childhood leukemia, … Continue reading

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CPUC Smart Meter Opt Out Ruling: The Good and The Bad

The CPUC, which seems bloated with industry insiders, voted on February 1, 2012, to approve a proposal which will allow PG&E customers in California  (see note*) who want analog meters to pay a $75 dollar upfront “install” fee (which you … Continue reading

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“People Aren’t Going to Take Getting Microwaved in Their Own Homes” (Interviews Post CPUC’s Smart Meter Opt Out Ruling)

“I think it was very very significant that Obama sent out I believe it was the head of the department of energy Chopra to speak to the CPUC on this.  They’re really worried about what is going and they know that we have a momentum … Continue reading

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