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CPUC Decision Regarding Smart Meter Opt Out Provisions

Here is the link for the CPUC decision regarding the Smart Meter Opt out program, which just came into my e-mail They are still providing the opt out option.  The fees are the same ($75 dollars initial fee to … Continue reading

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Let the Games Begin! Part 2: Maine Supreme Court Ruling and Opening Briefs to CPUC Phase 2 Smart Meter Hearings

As discussed in yesterday’s post, in a pre hearing last May on Phase 2 of the CPUC Smart Meter hearings, several parties urged the CPUC to make health impacts from Smart Meters front and center in Phase 2, especially because in Phase … Continue reading

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Let the Games Begin! Opening Briefs Phase 2 CPUC Smart Meter Hearings: SCE; Wilner and Stop Smart Meters Irvine

7/16/12 (Revised 7/17/12) In the next few days I will be posting links to the opening briefs on Phase 2 of the California PUC Smart Meter Hearings.  (I was up until 4 Am working on a brief myself.) In an … Continue reading

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