Edison Makes Irvine a “Living Laboratory”; Receives almost 40 Million in Special Federal Grant Monies

According to the U.S. government’s official disclosure website, Recovery.gov, Rosemead based Southern California Edison applied for and received three grants totaling $39,621,208 to make the City of Irvine (their exact words) “a living laboratory” to test out their Smart Grid system. According to their application to the Feds, Edison considers Irvine “an ideal demonstration site.”“Thus, the project will literally provide a living laboratory for accurately assessing the interoperability of, and interaction between, all of these various Smart Grid technologies and systems working at the same time. The ISGD will be deployed in the City of Irvine, an ideal demonstration site typical of most heavily populated areas of Southern California in climate, topography, environmental concerns and public policy issues. This demonstration is shovel ready.”

“Shovel ready?”  “An ideal Demonstration Site?” “Living laboratory?”  Is this why the Rosemead based Southern California Edison company did such an egregiously poor job of informing the Irvine based residents of its plans to switch out our analog meters with radiation emitting Smart meters (literally attaching what the World Health Organization considers a class 2b possible carcinogen to all our homes)?
If we had been properly noticed,  Irvine based parents could have informed Rosemead based SCE, that we didn’t want our kids to be part of their lab experiment.   Of course if we had known, there would have been such a large number of people requesting to be placed on the delay list, it would have messed up their plans.
Well, at least they were right about one thing. The City of Irvine,  is an ideal “demonstration” site.

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3 Responses to Edison Makes Irvine a “Living Laboratory”; Receives almost 40 Million in Special Federal Grant Monies

  1. Rob says:

    All I can say is, unless you are living in the desert burning wood for energy, riding a donkey to get around you are a poser.
    EMF is everywhere, cell towers, anything electrical battery powered or powered from a utility or a generator has EMF. RF is everywhere, it comes from satellites in space, radio and tv transmissions, once again cell phones, short wave radios, cordless anything, baby monitors.
    The funny thing is that every car today produces more EMF than anything you have in your household and just think you are locked in that metal capsule that does not absorb it or allow it to dissipate into the environment.
    Yes, we don’t always have choices in what companies do to innovate. Though we do have the ability to be educated and change our lifestyles and environments to conform with our beliefs. The deserts of South America are the freest locations on earth, nearly void of EMF and RF, the true believes should move there, give up their technology and ride a donkey off into the sunset knowing that they bought themselves lesser impacts from the EMF and RF that surrounds modern societies

    • Hi Rob,
      Yes, as you say, EMF surrounds “modern societies,” that is, impersonal corporate dominated societies with a populace which is becoming sick with cancers such as childhood leukemia, has reduced fertility and impaired cognitive function.
      I’ve heard that “EMF is all around us” argument before. Since I happen to have purchased an expensive RF analyzer, I can check it out.
      My husband and I walked down our street. No EMF from Satellites. No EMF from Irrigation devices or anything else on our street–just from Smart Meters. EMF in my car while I’m driving? Where did you hear that? I will check that out tomorrow and report back.
      EMF in my house? We don’t have Wi FI but I did have a cordless telephone and the amount of radiation emitting from the main phone which we weren’t even using at the time was shocking. The radiation went through a wall and into the bedroom where my young child sleeps. It is now in the trash. However, inside my house I have EMF from my neighbor’s smart meters–on the third floor on one side and also it travels in a diagonal to the second story of another room–perhaps a hundred feet away–I think I got 54 microwatts per centimeter squared.

  2. Rob,
    Your comment about EMF’s in the car was so interesting that I did remember to take the RF analyzer with me (turned on) while I was driving this morning. My RF analyzer, according to the box, is a “field strength measuring device for electromagnetic HF alternating fields.”
    This is what I found.
    Engine on: nothing.
    Just driving with no exposure to anything outside: nothing.
    However, three Hot Spots
    1. Corner of Shady Canyon and Sunnyhill by Turtle Rock Park (where they have all those boxes of electrical equipment). This was quite active. That I was getting such readings in the car, makes me think that if I had stopped I would have gotten even higher readings.
    2. Crossing over the 405 freeway on Jeffrey (southbound and northbound). Very very high (above 700) and the analyzer very loud. Perhaps there is some antenna there.
    3. Coming back into my HOA when the bar swung up and down. Also very high. (It’s not nice to know we’re zapped every time we go in and out.)
    One other point which has me very worried. None of the readings I got today (not even the above the freeway reading) was as high as the readings I got at my son’s elementary school (from their Wi Fi). Those readings were so high they went off the chart–my analyzer blanked out and I need to purchase an adapter to record accurately.

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