Link, Dr. Blank’s Talk, EMF’s Effect on DNA

Dr. Blank gives a dynamic, very clear presentation (which is helpful for non science majors) about how electromagnetic fields affect cells and can cause DNA damage. We need our DNA to be healthy our entire lives, he says, not just when we’re of childbearing age. He explains:

“DNA is not an ordinary kind of molecule. It’s the molecule that contains the genetic information that we have to keep us functioning. Most people think it’s only about passing on the information on to future generations. But the DNA is not like we were taught when we were in high school—that the DNA is kept in the nucleus, very secure, locked in and it’s hard to damage, it’s chemically inert. No, that’s not true. This molecule is in business, and it’s constantly doing things because it makes the proteins that are needed for the business of life.”

He also talks about  how EMF affects cells:

“so the stress protein is an indication by the cell in its own language that it has come into contact with something that is bad for it–that is potentially harmful and what it’s telling us is that when we know that the cell reacts to EMF in the environment it is telling you that the cell feels it is potentially harmful.The cell has told us. You can do the experiment yourself. It will make stress proteins and it only makes the stress proteins when it is a potentially harmful environment and it makes it with EMF. . . ” (Dr. Martin Blank, Commonwealth Club, 11/18/10)

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  1. Great! thanks for the share!

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