Manufacturer Confirms Smart Meters Emit RF Radiation 24/7

This is an excellent site. Boy, are they fighting the good fight in Burbank.

Two Points from this article and video.

1. CPUC President Michael Peevey telling this customer who had headaches that he could get his analog meter back. . .Perhaps that bodes well for other Californians?

2 The following paragraph also contains new information. . .

“Mr. Davis told the Mayor and City Council that the smart meters only produce RF emissions for less than a minute, yet smart meter manufacturers at the CPUC Smart Meter Opt-Out Workshop on Sept. 14 admitted that the microbursts of RF radiation occur 24/7 because the smart meters need to chatter and sync with each other and the repeaters.”

So here we have the manufacturers, themselves, giving confirming detail about how the RF radiation is continuous–that it needs to be in order for their system to work. . .

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