The RF Analyzer Arrived

The RF analyzer came yesterday, the HF 35C by Gigahertz Solutions. Its name reminds me of The Nimbus 2000. Like Potter’s broom (or wand for that matter), it feels a bit numinous, like it has some special power.  When I angle it toward the meter it chirps, then makes frantic static sounds as it picks up the waves traveling through the air, like some teeming world I had never known before.

I still need to learn what the numbers mean. It’s obvious when they go off the charts (past 900) and the meter gets louder, that this is a higher level of RF radiation.

An Edison employee who spoke at the 10/12/11 Calabasas City Council meeting compared Smart Meters to cell phones. He said a cell phone held to one’s head emitted 5000 micro-watts per centimeter squared; but, he said, measuring at a distance of three feet, a Smart Meter emitted 40 micro-watts per centimeter squared.
But what does that mean then when our analyzer standing that close has a much higher number? It chirped or read (in that pulsing every several seconds way) 500, 600, and we got some in the 900′s.  Anyway, I obviously need a math major/engineer to help, and when I learn I will post instructions for others.

Note: Here is the link for the 10/12/11 the Calabasas City Council Meeting. Scroll to item 13. Worth viewing (including a woman, quite credible, who discussed health effects after the installation of her Smart Meter).

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