April Love

I have to say I have been wondering about including  “Irvine” as part of the name of this blog (because this issue is not limited to Irvine, and this website is for anyone, anywhere, who is concerned about Smart Meters) .   However, after reading Katie Fehrenbacher’s comment in her article “There will be 600M Smart Meters by 2016″  about objections to the Smart Meter from “a few tiny cities in California,” perhaps it’s not such a bad idea for more communities to throw their names into the ring.

Right now there are about fifty, so called, “tiny” communities who have sent letters requesting the California Public Utilities Commission give residents an “opt out” from the Smart Meter program and be allowed to keep their perfectly good analog meters.

Fehrenbacher is right, though, about the “aggressive” push to install these meters  (and I would add “stealthy” and “lacking in full disclosure of radiation emissions”).

I think we “tiny” communities are doing a pretty good job considering many of us in Southern California had never even heard the name “Smart Meter” until a couple weeks ago-even though we are a bit “smart” ourselves.

It makes one wonder–how could that be possible?  We all knew, for example, about “Carmageddon” last July, didn’t we?  For any of us who had the “fortune” to actually drive the freeways that day, it was smooth sailing–as if we had been transported back into some idyllic time from the 50’s.  Pat Boone in a convertible singing April Lovehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh5rmVkFyrI

“Carmageddon” was an awesome demonstration of the power of media, government and business to inform the public when they want to. Yet, Southern California Edison is spending a billion and half dollars on their Smart Meter installation–and most of Edison’s customers have no idea.   Of the people who do know,  most are unaware that the Smart Meters being affixed to their homes, sometimes on bedroom walls where their kids sleep, or in grouped banks in multifamily housing, emit pulsed RF radiation on an almost continuous basis.

Regarding the monumental number of Smart Meters they are installing all over the world which Fehrenbacher discusses (602.7 million by the year 2016), setting privacy and other issues aside,  all I can say is I hope they use “wired” Smart Meters (as they do in Italy); and also, of course, that  many scientists and other experts’ concerns about RF radiation is for naught because 602.7  million 24/7 radiation emitting Smart Meters is a lot of messing with the earth’s electromagnetic field.

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2 Responses to April Love

  1. Marcia Levine says:

    Hmmm. I did not realize Smart Meters would be so bad for my health. They are installing them in my town soon.

  2. Hi Marcia,
    Find out if your state has an opt out option, and if it doesn’t, work to get one. Also, do more research via the links on the right. Stop Smart Meters is one of the main sites.
    At the Tustin City council meeting last night they had a representative from Edison who said she was there to correct “misinformation.” But what was interesting was what she did not say. She did not correct any supposed misinformation about the heath issues and how the Smart Meters are emitting radiation throughout the day.
    Low level non thermal (that is non heating) radiation damages DNA–which causes a whole lot of problems.

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