Stop Smart Meters Forum, Thursday, November 10th

Join us this Thursday, November 10th at 7pmfor the

Southern California SMART METER Public Forum

Location:  Glendale Moose Lodge, 357 W. Arden Avenue, Glendale, CA   91203Drivers:  If you would like to join our carpooling group, please send an email to  Bring your friends and family!Featuring Guest Speakers:Cindy Sage, an international EMF health expert who has done recent field studies on smart meters, which found that that they can exceed the FCC RF public safety standard (See She is also co-editor of the Bio-Initiative Report, and has published many scientific studies on electromagnetic field issues, including the science, public policy, legal and environmental consequences of exposures to EMF.

Orlean Koehle, author of Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meters, which examines how smart meters threaten our property and privacy rights. She is also President of California Eagle Forum.

Mindy Spatt, Communication Director of TURN, a utility watchdog and consumer advocacy group for Californians.

Guest Speaker presentations will be followed by a Q&A with the audience. 

Cost:  FREE and OPEN to the public.

Purpose: This non-partisan event is being hosted and organized by citizens throughout Southern California who share concerns about smart meters.sp; Orange County, Glendale and Burbank residents have organized a public forum so that residents of Southern California can listen, learn and ask questions about the dangers of smart meters to our families.  This includes info on how Smart Meter affect our health, privacy, security, public safety, pocketbooks and real estate values – and what you can do about it!

Say “No” to loss of control, higher bills due to Time Of Use rates, health problems from pulsed radiation, computer hacking and wireless cyber-security flaws, remote shut-off switches, and “Big Brother” privacy problems of unauthorized personal data collection.

Say “Yes” to keeping our cherished homes and neighborhoods Smart Meter-free, and our right to keep our analog meters with no extra costs or fees.

For more information:

Orange County residents should contact Stop OC Smart Meters: e-mail is and website is; event phone line is 818-641-5042.

Los Angeles County area residents should contact Burbank Action at 818-641-5042, or e-mail; website is

Please forward this email to your address book contacts.  Everyone deserves to know about Smart Meters.

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