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Louis C.K. On Cell Phones’ Impact on Children’s Social and Emotional Development

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Goodbye My Phone and Hello to Reality

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FCC Seeking Comments (“Reply Round” Phase) from the Public on RF Safety Standards

The FCC is reviewing RF safety standards and has asked for public comments by March 6, 2013.  They are currently in their second phase, which is called the “reply round,” but anyone (not just US citizens) with concerns about the … Continue reading

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Dr. Joel M. Moskowitz: Does the FCC Plan To Rubber Stamp Outdated Cell Phone Radiation Standards?

PRESS RELEASE The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct a formal review of the U.S. cell phone radiation standards according to a Bloomberg news report. . . . An FCC spokesperson emailed a statement to a Bloomberg reporter that is … Continue reading

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Warning: Cell Phones and Breast Cancer. Do Not Carry Cell Phone in Your Bra.

This is a “sister” post to the previous one about possible sperm and fertility damage to males from cell phone radiation. The video talks about a young Asian women whose demographics to acquire breast cancer are low, but nevertheless developed … Continue reading

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Tim Ferriss on Cell Phones and Sperm Damage

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Disconnect: Cell Phones and Cancer, Trailer from Soon to be Released Documentary

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Dr. Mercola Interviews Alasdair Philips: EMF’s Effect on Health: What the Research is Showing and What We can Do To Limit Radiation Exposure From Wireless Devices

Dr. Mercola interviews (see video below) Alasdair Philips of  Philips has been “researching electromagnetic fields effect on health”  for decades and his website is a resource for those who want to read the studies.  In the interview (which is free ranging) … Continue reading

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My Letter, Sort of (Cell Phones and Children)

My husband called me from work this morning and asked me if I had read Time magazine. I said,”Yes.” “Did you read it thoroughly?” he asked.  He told me one of his colleagues saw my letter.  I’m grateful they published any … Continue reading

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Media Blackout on “Smart” Meter News?

I sent this on 12/17/11 to twenty five reporters and editors on staff at the Los Angeles Times.  I decided to wait to see if I got a reply before sharing it.  They did not reply, but perhaps they read … Continue reading

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Dariusz Leszcynski’s Washington Times Series on Cell Phone Radiation

Dariusz Leszcynski is currently writing a very interesting series of articles in the Washington Times about cell phones, the precautionary principle, bogus industry studies–the whole RF-EMF topic.  He was “one of the 30 experts invited by the WHO’s International Agency … Continue reading

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Dr. Dan Harper Discusses Health Impact of Electromagnetic Fields

Dr. Harper Quote:  “We are becoming a generation that’s got pre-senile dementia being cared for by a younger generation that’s going to be plagued by brain cancer.”

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Study Shows Cell Phones Exceed FCC Limits by as Much as Double for Children

Update 2/23/13: The link below no longer works, but to get info on the report, see this ABC article and video. It’s a good link as it has several videos on possible adverse health effects of cell phones. From Environmental … Continue reading

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Allan Frey, Modulation and Microwave Radiation Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

The information for this blog post is from a GQ article written by Christopher Ketcham in 2010 called “Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health.” It is beautifully written (very clear prose) and I am closely paraphrasing … Continue reading

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Facebook Campaign: One Million Hits for Dr. Devra Davis Talk

I posted this on Facebook and invite others to share: This video by Dr. Devra Davis needs to be viewed by everyone. Please share. It applies to cell phones, Wi Fi (which needs to be out of our schools yesterday; … Continue reading

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New Study: Does this Mean School (if it has Wi Fi) Makes Kids Stupid?

New research by Russian Academy of Scientists: Cell Phone Use in Children and Cognitive Decline I wonder what this says about the industrial grade Wi Fi  that is in our schools.  The experts say there have been few actual studies … Continue reading

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