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Senate Holds Hearings to Approve Thomas Wheeler, Industry Insider, to Head the FCC

Today, the Senate will hold hearings to formally approve President Obama’s nomination of Thomas Wheeler to head the FCC.  Tom Wheeler ran the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) at a time when the mobile phone industry, according to Devra Davis,  … Continue reading

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B. Blake Levittt Urges the Senate to Reject Obama’s Nomination of Thomas Wheeler to Head the FCC

In Counterpunch article, “Another Industry Crony,” writer B. Blake Levitt gives “12 good reasons why the US Senate should reject” President Obama’s nomination of Tom Wheeler to head the FCC.  She writes in her article  (reason number 4)  that “Wheeler … Continue reading

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Partial Listing of the BioEffects of RF Radiation (from B. Blake Levitt)

The following is a direct quote from  B. Blake Levitt’s 1995 book Electromagnetic Fields  about the bioeffects of radio frequencies.  It is only one paragraph out of many pages where she discusses bioeffects.  I am quoting the paragraph because it is … Continue reading

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