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Let the Games Begin! Opening Briefs Phase 2 CPUC Smart Meter Hearings: SCE; Wilner and Stop Smart Meters Irvine

7/16/12 (Revised 7/17/12) In the next few days I will be posting links to the opening briefs on Phase 2 of the California PUC Smart Meter Hearings.  (I was up until 4 Am working on a brief myself.) In an … Continue reading

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“People Aren’t Going to Take Getting Microwaved in Their Own Homes” (Interviews Post CPUC’s Smart Meter Opt Out Ruling)

“I think it was very very significant that Obama sent out I believe it was the head of the department of energy Chopra to speak to the CPUC on this.  They’re really worried about what is going and they know that we have a momentum … Continue reading

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NBC News (Video) on Smart Meter Forum The utility company spokesperson  said their Smart Meters have no health effect,  yet that woman has to wrap foil around her head at night to deflect the pulses.  There is scientific confirmation, a double blind study,  showing physical effect … Continue reading

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