New Study: Does this Mean School (if it has Wi Fi) Makes Kids Stupid?

New research by Russian Academy of Scientists: Cell Phone Use in Children and Cognitive Decline

I wonder what this says about the industrial grade Wi Fi  that is in our schools.  The experts say there have been few actual studies on Wi Fi (which is pulsing  radiation similar to Smart Meters and cell phones), and because of lack of studies they  use the cell phone studies as above. So this is a 4 year study by the Russian Academy of Scientists which basically says that children’s  cognition is damaged.  Another expert (Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD expert in the health consequences of electromagnetic fields). talked about how when children are exposed like this it is permanent. So Wi Fi in schools turns the normal view of school and its effect on children on  its head: coming out with less cognition and less potential than when the children first went in. . .

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