Facebook Campaign: One Million Hits for Dr. Devra Davis Talk

I posted this on Facebook and invite others to share:

This video by Dr. Devra Davis needs to be viewed by everyone. Please share. It applies to cell phones, Wi Fi (which needs to be out of our schools yesterday; that’s how potentially dangerous it is) and Smart Meters.  Dr. Davis was part of the group along with Al Gore that  won the Nobel Prize.  Her video has 2920 views. It needs to surpass one million. Let’s get going.

Dr. Davis’ focus is cell phones, not Smart Meters, but the discussion about the health effects of non thermal pulsed radiation and various studies is excellent and applies.  She is able to explain some of the science in a very comprehensive way. For example she shows (see about 14 minutes into the video) photos of two cells, one whose DNA has been damaged  by “gamma” radiation  (which is what was emitted in Hiroshima) and another cell damaged by low level pulsing non ionizing radiation (from a cell phone).  Both cells look very damaged compared to a normal cell; but she even goes on to say the DNA from the cell exposed to the cell phone radiation looks worse.

She also discusses the campaign to discredit reputable scientists and their studies—some of these reputable studies having been around since 1972 (Frey).  Her talk is based on her book Disconnect which gives even more detail and sounds quite interesting.  Here is the video:



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  1. Interesting point of view – makes a change from the junk lots of bloggers spout on the situation!

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