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Dr. Mercola Interviews Alasdair Philips: EMF’s Effect on Health: What the Research is Showing and What We can Do To Limit Radiation Exposure From Wireless Devices

Dr. Mercola interviews (see video below) Alasdair Philips of  Philips has been “researching electromagnetic fields effect on health”  for decades and his website is a resource for those who want to read the studies.  In the interview (which is free ranging) … Continue reading

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If You Received a Flyer on Your Doorstep or are New to this Site

If you received a flyer on your doorstep or if you just came across this blog via a search engine, I would like to welcome you to the site and also, if this subject is unfamiliar, to the  topic of … Continue reading

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Facebook Campaign: One Million Hits for Dr. Devra Davis Talk

I posted this on Facebook and invite others to share: This video by Dr. Devra Davis needs to be viewed by everyone. Please share. It applies to cell phones, Wi Fi (which needs to be out of our schools yesterday; … Continue reading

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Field Test Showing Radiation Peaks from Bank of Smart Meters

Field Study measuring the “peaks” of radiation from a bank of Smart Meters.  The government uses the average. But according to Magda Havas, PHD of Trent University, Canada, this gives a “false low reading.”  “Engineers like to measure averages but … Continue reading

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Microwave Versus Smart Meter Radiation: Apples and Oranges

Utility companies which claim that the Smart Meters are safe  compare the Smart Meter to other household devices such as the microwave, which may emit much higher radiation.  However, Dr. Karl Maret (an MD with degrees in electrical and biomedical … Continue reading

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Manufacturer Confirms Smart Meters Emit RF Radiation 24/7

This is an excellent site. Boy, are they fighting the good fight in Burbank. Two Points from this article and video. 1. CPUC President Michael Peevey telling this customer who had headaches that he could get his analog meter … Continue reading

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