Elizabeth Kelley Talk on Smart Meters

Elizabeth Kelley, M.A.,  gives an excellent overview type of  talk about Smart Meters, which is helpful for newcomers to this topic. She gives a brief history of the planning of the “smart grid,” and talks about how it “was launched without first doing an environmental  assessment. . . to ensure health and safety protections were built in from the start.”

Since the talk which she gave in 2010, we now know–and the utility companies  are acknowledging but you have to prod it out of them–that the way their mesh system works, the radiation is pulsed every several seconds, 24/7, including at night while people sleep, a period when the body, say some scientists, may be even more vulnerable to the radiation.

Also since the talk, the CCST (California Council on Science and Technology) did release a report or evaluation on radiation.   However, they didn’t allow at least  one of the scientists (Havas)  who was part of the committee to submit documents about the effects of non thermal radiation.   Also, see link on right for Dr. Karl Meret’s letter in  which he talks about other problems with radiation from the Smart Meters which the report didn’t include.

Also, independent from the report, see Cindy Sage’s evaluation of the radiation from Smart Meters in the Sage Report.

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