Irvine City Council Meeting, Tuesday, 11/22/11

I wanted to remind everyone that the Irvine City Council
will meet this Tuesday. After this, they will meet only once more in December, and then they are off for the rest of the year. I urge everyone who is concerned about Smart
Meters to please come and speak at “Public Comments.”

The City Council DID NOT choose to put this topic on the agenda. Except for Larry Agran’s comments last month, I have not received any feedback from any of the other councilmembers about where they stand on Smart Meters.

It was quite ironic at the October 25th City Council meeting
because some on the council wanted to pass what they call a “healthy and green initiative” for the City of Irvine. At that meeting there were about eight people (I think they were in the medical field) who showed up to speak about this. Then councilmember Beth Krom gave a speech about how this was so important for Irvine, that our residents get out
and use the trails (that is go walking); and that we fight childhood obesity.

This optimistic discussion was going on while and immediately after speakers brought up their concerns about the 24/7 pulsed radiation from Edison’s Smart Meters.
It was almost like being in two universes. It seems to me that if the council is truly interested in a healthy green Irvine, they would also be extremely concerned about Smart Meters, and they would be actively engaged in stopping this. Perhaps some of them are.

But I also think that when residents SHOW UP at the meeting–or, if they can’t do that, send e-mails–that this definitely gets their attention. If we don’t do this, then we are stuck. Edison, if you saw my post, was even given an additional 40 million dollars in Federal grants to make Irvine a “Living Laboratory” for this Smart Grid. So there are a lot of monied interests in Irvine’s Smart Grid.

However, I feel I need to advise you that we don’t want to be stuck with this. Smart Meters, whatever public relations spin you may hear, are not something that is good for our city.   Independent, peer reviewed scientific studies have found that the same type of radiation that Smart Meters emit can, among other effects, breach the blood brain barrier; cause DNA strand breaks; and damage our genes (“genotoxic”). Some of these “effects” have been known for decades and been covered up. But they all have been replicated.

I just viewed the Burbank City Council Meeting from 11/15/11. They had some really good speakers, including Jerry Day. Also present–he had flown down from up north–was a co-author of a CCST “independent” report on Smart Meters that was released last January.  The writers of that report have blown off health concerns,  another of its lead authors on a radio program even going so far as to call people who had such concerns “believers in ghosts.” When they wrote their report they asked for feedback from respected researchers and then when those researchers gave them feedback expressing concerns about the non thermal effects of RF radiation they kept their  comments out of the report. When their report was published, however, it received letters from scientists all over the world** protesting its “conclusions.”

The scientist, who flew down from up north, is named Macari and he told the Burbank City Council that Smart Meters absolutely do not emit radiation 24/7. But anyone with an analyzer can see that this is completely incorrect. (Also the utility companies themselves are saying they do.) Dr. Macari also referred to researchers in the EMF field (biophysicists and PHD’s) as the “EMF lobby.”

Afterwards, I looked up Macari’s specialty and found he has written papers on “soil mechanics,” “pavement materials” and “the carpet industry.” There were no papers on public health or EMF’s. So this guy is determining the health of Californians and part of a report committee which blocked scientists who are specialists in EMF.

Public Comments, if you can make it, are usually heard at about 6:30 PM.

**This CCST link might ask you to log in; ignore, press again, and it will take you to the letters anyway (from many different sides).

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