Updates and Links, 11/23/11

Here is a link to an article in Stop Smart Meters.org by Josh Hart about certain established environmental groups such as The Sierra Club  and The Environmental Defense Fund and their promotion of the electrosmog creating Smart Grid (even against wishes of their grassroots members).  There are some financials ties that some of these groups have with the Smart Grid roll out.  I will write more about this later, but I wanted to highlight this for others especially in Southern California doing research.


Here is Link to Irvine City Council 11/22/11.  I spoke about Smart Meters and Health Issues.  Scroll to 1:01 on the video.


 Article in San Francisco paper about the CPUC’s proposal to charge people to have a powered down Smart Meter.   This meter will also emit, it is stated, “tiny” amounts of RF–but we have no other information on this.  What do they mean by “tiny?”
Also, with the powered down Smart Meters, would they still be able to remotely access and adjust the meters?
Third, even if they do not emit any RF at all,  Dr. Sam Milham,  (he did the seminal research on the link between electrical lines and childhood leukemia)  has written that he is actually more concerned about other health issues with the Smart Meters from dirty electricity.  Here is a link to a letter he wrote to the CCST last January.  (I will write more about this later)



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