Peevey’s Peevish Proposal

First Impressions of Peevey’s Proposal

To see Peevey’s (former executive of Southern California Edison) proposal see this link.  It has some troubling aspects. It looks like they will not allow the return of the analog meters, which are completely safe. They will probably, if this goes, remove our analog meters, whether we like it or not, and replace them with what they call a “radio off” meter.

However, the “radio” is already off most of the day on the regular Smart Meters, according to a SCE technician (Eric) I talked to a couple weeks ago.  The “radio” is off, but the radiation is on and on. . . .

The chart they show on this report seems to confirm that. It shows that there is still RF with radio off and with radio on. The RF test numbers, have little credence–as the RF is variable and there are peaks to it.

Also the discussion by the FCC and their reliance on the inaccurate (and non independent, in my view)  CCST report, parroting the CCST report’s statements about there being no health effects (and not taking into account the letters which were sent from reputable scientists, specialists in the field, challenging that) is worrisome.  I have heard  the FCC is comprised of industry insiders–that is the regulators have ties to the the industry they are regulating.

This proposed proposal also discusses a deadline of 2014 for all meters to be subjected to “interval energy consumption” in order to use that “data for billing purposes.”   This concept with the smart grid of being able to monitor our exact usage moment by moment is spoken of as the raison d’etre for the Smart Grid.  All these billions of dollars for a behavioral modification program. . . .

Note: Even though this technically applies only to PG&E customers, most likely as PG&E goes, so goes SCE and SDG&E.

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