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Dr. David Carpenter, Public Health Physician, Warns of Smart Meter Dangers

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“Before SimpleLink Tai’s Bike Rides Lacked Information” (But at Least He Still Had a Brain)

The government and industry are not just irradiating the public via Smart Meters, but they are also rolling out “smart” appliances,” which will each contain within them a radiation emitting RF transmitter.  You will, if you are unaware, be bringing … Continue reading

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Physicians’ Group (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) Adopts Resolution Against Smart Meters

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine “an international association of physicians and other professionals” has in a letter released January 19, 2012, and sent to the CPUC called for an immediate moratorium on wireless Smart Meters.  They state in their … Continue reading

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Caught on Tape: Smart Meters FCC Violation

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My Letter, Sort of (Cell Phones and Children)

My husband called me from work this morning and asked me if I had read Time magazine. I said,”Yes.” “Did you read it thoroughly?” he asked.  He told me one of his colleagues saw my letter.  I’m grateful they published any … Continue reading

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Media Blackout on “Smart” Meter News?

I sent this on 12/17/11 to twenty five reporters and editors on staff at the Los Angeles Times.  I decided to wait to see if I got a reply before sharing it.  They did not reply, but perhaps they read … Continue reading

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Dariusz Leszcynski’s Washington Times Series on Cell Phone Radiation

Dariusz Leszcynski is currently writing a very interesting series of articles in the Washington Times about cell phones, the precautionary principle, bogus industry studies–the whole RF-EMF topic.  He was “one of the 30 experts invited by the WHO’s International Agency … Continue reading

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Dr. Dan Harper Discusses Health Impact of Electromagnetic Fields

Dr. Harper Quote:  “We are becoming a generation that’s got pre-senile dementia being cared for by a younger generation that’s going to be plagued by brain cancer.”

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Health Effects From Smart Meters? Utility Industry Gets a Free Pass from the FCC

The many letters submitted in response to last January’s (2011) flawed CCST report on “smart” meters are a good place to look if one wants to hear different perspectives regarding the health effects from “smart” meters. However, one soon sees, … Continue reading

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“We’re Having A Dicken’s Moment.” Santa Cruz Board Grills PG&E For Shutting Off Power to Customers Made Sick From Smart Meters

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Update: Irvine City Council Meeting Tonight, Joshua Hart’s Article, Opt Out Issues

If you can, please come to  Irvine City Council Meeting tonight, 12/13/11:  Public Comments could be any time after 5 PM.  I agree with author B. Blake Levitt that we need to hold all our elected officials accountable. See Joshua … Continue reading

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Radiation Exposure from a Smart Meter is 100 times Higher than from a Cell Phone

This interview (see below) with Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear scientist from UC Santa Cruz, discusses how last January’s CCST report which was meant to be an “independent science based report” on “smart” meters  instead  “just reproduced claims” from the utility … Continue reading

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Partial Listing of the BioEffects of RF Radiation (from B. Blake Levitt)

The following is a direct quote from  B. Blake Levitt’s 1995 book Electromagnetic Fields  about the bioeffects of radio frequencies.  It is only one paragraph out of many pages where she discusses bioeffects.  I am quoting the paragraph because it is … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience to Protect Their Health: Northern Californian Residents Return Their Smart Meters

When PG&E refused to remove their “smart” meters after they complained about health effects, a group of residents from Capitola, California, decided their utility company did not have the right to “sicken” them and hired a professional electrician to replace … Continue reading

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A Double Edged Sword: Radiation In Your Doctor’s Hands? Good. In Your Smart Meter? Dubious

It seems, at first blush, a little odd that a story about the therapeutic benefits of electromagnetic radiation (in Microwave News this week) instead of reassuring people about low level radiation being safe (as utility companies say) actually confirms worries … Continue reading

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Study Shows Cell Phones Exceed FCC Limits by as Much as Double for Children

Update 2/23/13: The link below no longer works, but to get info on the report, see this ABC article and video. It’s a good link as it has several videos on possible adverse health effects of cell phones. From Environmental … Continue reading

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Cindy Sage Says Smart Meters are Not Meeting FCC Standards

I was on the phone with the CPUC public advisor this morning and to everything I said–such as double strand DNA breaks, crossing blood brain barrier or even the World Health Organization’s declaration of RF radiation being possibly carcinogenic–the advisor … Continue reading

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Once the Meters are in, Who Cares Whom They Radiate? “That’s Not My Department,” Says “Wernher Von” Peevey

“In advocating for adoption of an analog meter opt-out option, various parties have asserted that this option is necessary due to the alleged effect of RF emissions on human health. However, the issue of whether RF emissions from Smart Meters … Continue reading

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My New Printer: Don’t Believe the Salesperson

I just purchased a new printer (an HP Office Jet Pro 8600) because my wired printer went on the blink.  They only had “wireless.”  The saleperson, though, told me that I could use it as a wired printer.  Just use … Continue reading

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CPUC Judge Shuts Down Video Smart Meter Workshop; Also Repeater Transmitters

I’m viewing on tape the CPUC  Smart Meter Workshop which was overseen by Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa (to view, scroll down to video, part one, dated 9/14/11). It’s a workshop to explore opt out options for the Smart Meters.   At 1:42 … Continue reading

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Another Health Issue with Smart Meters: Dirty Electricity and Switching-Mode Power Supply

According to Dr. Sam Milham (author “Dirty Electricity”), there is more potential danger from the Smart Meters than the RF radiation.  Here is what he wrote in his letter to the CCST, January 2011: My hypothesis is easy enough to test. Dirty … Continue reading

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Peevey’s Peevish Proposal

First Impressions of Peevey’s Proposal To see Peevey’s (former executive of Southern California Edison) proposal see this link.  It has some troubling aspects. It looks like they will not allow the return of the analog meters, which are completely safe. … Continue reading

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Updates and Links, 11/23/11

11/23/11 Here is a link to an article in Stop Smart by Josh Hart about certain established environmental groups such as The Sierra Club  and The Environmental Defense Fund and their promotion of the electrosmog creating Smart Grid (even … Continue reading

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Irvine City Council Meeting, Tuesday, 11/22/11

I wanted to remind everyone that the Irvine City Council will meet this Tuesday. After this, they will meet only once more in December, and then they are off for the rest of the year. I urge everyone who is … Continue reading

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Shielding: Use Caution

Another blogger asked about shielding in the”Take Action” section, and I thought I would post a precaution.    Shielding  the radiation from Smart Meters can be tricky, so I recommend that anyone who tries this get advice from an expert and … Continue reading

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