Louis C.K. On Cell Phones’ Impact on Children’s Social and Emotional Development

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Goodbye My Phone and Hello to Reality

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Experts on Cell Phone Risks: A Preview

From Eon3Net: “This is a preview of a series of presentations at San Francisco’s prestigious Commonweath Club of California in which Dr. Devra Davis and her medical colleagues show why cell phones and other wireless devices pose serious health risks to you, your ovaries, your sperm, your breasts, your brain and your babies – and suggest science-based precautionary public policy alternatives. Soon to be an informative video series. Stay tuned….” See also Environmental Health Trust, Facebook Page

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Bravo! To the Amercan Academy of Pediatrics and Tom Wheeler!

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Belgium Adopts New Regulations to Promote Cell Phone Radiation Safety

by Joel Moskowitz

Oct. 24, 2013 – BERKELEY, Calif. — According to the Federal Public Service, beginning in March, 2014, new regulations will apply to the sale of mobile phones in Belgium. Children’s mobile phones will be banned. The specific absorption rate (SAR) for every mobile phone must be listed at the point of sale and the following warning must be provided to customers:

“Think about your health – use your mobile phone moderately, make your calls wearing an earpiece and choose a set with a lower SAR value.”

The Belgian government’s additional recommendations include use of other hands-free methods to keep the phone away from the body such as text messaging, and not making calls when the signal is weak, such as in an elevator or in a moving vehicle.

All cell phones will be labeled with the letter A, B, C, D, or E, corresponding to the phone’s specific absorption rating, or SAR, which is a measure of the maximum amount of energy deposited in an adult user’s brain during a short phone call.

“A” indicates a SAR less than 0.4 watts/kilogram (w/kg), “B” from 0.4 to less than 0.8 w/kg, “C” from 0.8 to less than 1.2 w/kg, “D” from 1.2 to less than 1.6 w/kg, and “E” more than 1.6 w/kg.

Although phones sold in the U.S. cannot currently exceed 1.6 w/kg and are measured in a different manner than in Europe, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering weakening the U.S. standard and adopting the European or international standard which was developed by a private organization called ICNIRP. The multinational Telecom Industry has lobbied to weaken our protections in the interest of global “harmonization.” Continue reading

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Reminder: Comments to FCC Due This Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013

The FCC is reviewing RF safety standards and has set the final deadline for public comments this Tuesday, September 3, 2013.   To read the comments already submitted, see this FCC website page.  See this page for information on how to file comments.

The current standards do not protect health.   They were set up (as Joel Moskowitz writes) by “engineers and physical scientists” from industry groups and are outdated.   When they were set up, the FCC ignored recommendations from its own health agencies. For example, in the case of cell phones, they approved the industry backed cell phone power density of 1.6 rather than the health agencies’ recommendations that it be 1.0.  The FCC also, Moskowitz writes, in its current testing of radiation absorption rates for users of cell phones “failed to enforce its [own] guideline,”  which says that devices need to be tested as they are used,  and instead allowed tests to be done with the phone held an inch from one’s head, which is not how most people talk on a phone.

I’m not sure how good a job the FCC will do in setting standards to protect public health. They seem to go out of their way to accommodate industry, even going so far as to reclassify the ear as an “extremity,” which will then allow for higher radiation exposure levels to the head.  Also the nomination of Thomas Wheeler, an industry insider, to head the FCC  is not encouraging.  They may even raise the exposure levels.

Here are additional directions from Arthur Firstenberg  about how to submit comments:

“Comments sent by U.S. mail must be postmarked by September 3, 2013, the day after Labor Day. Title your submission, “Comments on Notice of Inquiry, ET Docket No. 13-84.” Send the original and one copy to:

Office of the Secretary
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th St. SW, Washington, DC 20554

Comments sent electronically should be sent by September 3, 2013 on this webpage: http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs. (Click on “Submit a Filing” if the filing page does not immediately open). Type in “13-84” in the box for “Proceeding Number.” Write “Comments on Notice of Inquiry, ET Docket No. 13-84″ at the top of your attached comments. You can attach Word, PDF, or Excel files.

Comments without attachments may be sent on this webpage: http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/hotdocket/list. Clicking on “13-84” will take you to a simplified filing page.”


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Senate Holds Hearings to Approve Thomas Wheeler, Industry Insider, to Head the FCC

Today, the Senate will hold hearings to formally approve President Obama’s nomination of Thomas Wheeler to head the FCC.  Tom Wheeler ran the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) at a time when the mobile phone industry, according to Devra Davis,  was “war-gaming” to block research which showed deleterious effects of cell phone radiation.  Wheeler has been called the “mastermind” (Davis) of this war gaming as well as an “industry crony” (Levitt).

See this excerpt from an interview Davis gave to Brad Jacobson for his article, You Really Are Addicted to Your Cell Phone:

“Devra Davis: The example in the 1990s, which is documented in my book, was that [University of Washington researchers] Henry Lai and Narendra N.P. Singh found significant evidence of DNA damage caused by cellphone light radiation comparable almost to the damage you would get from X-rays, which is ionizing. At the time, it was generally believed by some people that non-ionizing radiation, which comes from a cellphone, could not possibly be physically damaging because it was so weak. . . .

So the industry understood this could be of enormous consequences, so they did three things. First, they wrote to the university and tried to get the scientists fired for violating the rules of the contract that they were working under at the time. They then wrote to NIH [National Institutes of Health]—and . . .. they accused the scientists of fraud for misusing funds to do the study. Then, when that didn’t work they actually had somebody meet with the journal editors to try to get the article accepted for publication unaccepted.

After those three things didn’t work, they also hired a scientist named Jerry Phillips to try to show they could not replicate their work. Fortunately for history, Phillips was an honest person. He replicated their work and when he insisted on publishing his work both he and Lai effectively stopped working in this field. They were no longer funded to do any more work in the field.

In case all of that wasn’t enough, as the coup de grace, a memo was written from Motorola to its PR firm saying we think we sufficiently “war-gamed” the science. . . .

Where it gets really interesting now is that President Obama just nominated the guy who ran the CTIA [Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association] at the time this was going on to become the head of the Federal Communications Commission. His name is Tom Wheeler. He’s been a huge fundraiser for Democrats and Republicans, more Democrats than Republicans. And under his leadership at the CTIA (which has been written about by [research scientist] George Carlo in his book about this industry) a $27 million joint program was run to study health effects of cellphones. And that study, according George Carlo, was shut down when they started to produce positive results.”

To give your feedback about Wheeler’s appointment, please call your senators:

For California: Senator Barbara Boxer 202-224-3553; Dianne Feinstein 202-224-3841  Other States: Phones numbers can be found here

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