“The Better to Cook You, My Dear.” The FCC, Mobile Phone Industry Ally, Reclassifies Body Part.

Did you know that the FCC now considers your outer ear to be an extremity?

On June 4, 2013, the FCC issued a ruling classifying the outer ear (referred to as “pinna”) where people place their mobile (cell and cordless) phones as an extremity, similar to one’s “hands, wrists, feet and ankles.”

“The Commission. . .amends its rules to subject the pinnae to the same RF exposure limit currently applicable to hands, wrists, feet and ankles.”

This reclassification of one of our body parts will officially go into effect, August 15, 2013.  The public has 30 days in which to submit comments.

By making this reclassification for your ear (they wrote they relied on the expert opinion of the FDA and the IEEE, an industry trade group), it will allow the outer ear to fall under a more loose (“less stringent”) RF radiation exposure standard from the rest of your head.  The FCC says their ruling will not result in increased radiation exposure even though it legally allows the mobile phone industry to expose our ears, which happen to be attached to our heads, to higher levels of radiation.

The outer ear is within centimeters of our brains and necks.  RF exposure has led to increased incidence of brain cancer, thyroid and salivary tumors, among others.  Recently published studies, for example, show “that long term use of a cell phone increases the risk of developing [an] acoustic neuroma,”  which is a non malignant form of cancer.  The acoustic nerve runs from the middle ear to the brain and a  “neuroma” is a benign tumor.  But though an acoustic neuroma is benign, “it’s, [according to a pathologist I interviewed]  in a very sensitive location. It’s very difficult to get out.  When you have a neuroma in an arm or leg  [a real extremity]  it is easy to get to. Not with the head. You have to open up the skull.  It’s in a very bad location although it’s benign.  You can have partial or total hearing loss.”

An article just published in The Telegraph about cell phone dangers also discusses a patient who had an acoustic neuroma and lost hearing in one ear after using a cell phone, which can be read here.

With all of these vulnerable areas cell and cordless phone radiation is zapping, it’s nice to know that the FCC  is doing such a thorough job that it is making this distinction between our outer ears and the rest of our heads, but I think it will be the mobile phone industry, rather than our bodies, which will benefit.


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“You’re Knowingly Harming My Life” Two Women Speak Out About RF “Smart” Water Heaters, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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Dr. Devra Davis

Although Dr. Davis is mainly talking about smart phones in this interview, the warnings apply to all mobile phones, including cordless.  The cordless phone base also emits an extremely high level of electromagnetic radiation 24/7, whether a person is using the phone or not.  It is like bringing a cell tower into your home.

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B. Blake Levittt Urges the Senate to Reject Obama’s Nomination of Thomas Wheeler to Head the FCC

In Counterpunch article, “Another Industry Crony,” writer B. Blake Levitt gives “12 good reasons why the US Senate should reject” President Obama’s nomination of Tom Wheeler to head the FCC.  She writes in her article  (reason number 4)  that “Wheeler would increase radiofrequency radiation exposures” and that  “Wheeler, as director of CTIA, oversaw a $25 million research debacle that ended in more – not less – controversy, with virtually no research produced. The project was widely considered in the press to have been a “manufactured doubt” program, intended to contaminate the database with negative studies,  prevent clearer understanding and therefore better regulation.”  See full article here.

Also, please sign this EMF Safety Network   petition to the US Senate urging they reject Wheeler’s nomination.  

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What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

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FCC Seeking Comments (“Reply Round” Phase) from the Public on RF Safety Standards

The FCC is reviewing RF safety standards and has asked for public comments by March 6, 2013.  They are currently in their second phase, which is called the “reply round,” but anyone (not just US citizens) with concerns about the health effects from Smart Meters, Wi-FI, cell phones, cell towers and other wireless devices can jump right in .

It may seem as if the federal government would have little to do with whether Edison puts a smart meter on your house, but the FCC standards have everything to do with smart meters and all the other wireless devices. This is because the FCC–whose main job is to  auction off airways and frequencies to industry and who are not experts in public health–  nevertheless, set the  standards used by both governmental and private organizations.    Public utility commissioners can justify allowing the utilities to co-locate 24 smart meters on your bedroom wall because of the FCC limits.   School district officials use those standards to expose children to wireless laptops and wi-fi radiation and say children are safe.  And judges have dismissed cases brought by concerned parents (such as the Portland Wi-Fi lawsuit) because of the FCC standards. Even when public officials want to do the right thing, such as stop cell tower installations near people’s homes, the FCC standards, which are part of the 1996 Telecommunications Act requirements,  are used by industry to sue our cities.

These standards though do not protect health.   They were set up (as Joel Moskowitz writes) by “engineers and physical scientists” from industry groups and are outdated.   When they were set up, the FCC ignored recommendations from its own health agencies. For example, in the case of cell phones, they approved the industry backed cell phone power density of 1.6 rather than the health agencies’ recommendations that it be 1.0.  The FCC also, Moskowitz writes, in its current testing of radiation absorption rates for users of cell phones “failed to enforce its [own] guideline,”  which says that devices need to be tested as they are used,  and instead allowed tests to be done with the phone held an inch from one’s head, which is not how most people talk on a phone.  Print out and read Dr. Joel Moskowitz’s Comments on the 2012 GAO Report  which he shared with the FCC for an excellent review of this. Read it slowly with a cup of tea and take notes.

Word has it that industry wants to loosen the standards even further. If this happens, the amount of radiation that people get from their cell phones could triple (Slesin)– to say nothing of the more intense exposures from other wireless such as Wi-Max and  Wi Fi 5G. Continue reading

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Take Back Your Power (Trailer)

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